Batman strictly follows his ethics about not killing anyone. But things are slightly different in bizarre alternate universes of the DC canon. Batman is the messiah when it comes to Justice. Consequently, Justice and death are two different things, and Batman doesn’t go down to his foes’ level. 

Moreover, when it comes to the Dark Multiverse, anything is possible. The Batman from an alternate universe has no problem going on a killing spree. 

1.The Batman Who Laughs 

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The Batman Who Laughs belongs to the Dark Multiverse. It portrays an Earth where Batman killed the Joker and got infected by a unique Joker toxin. Losing his mind, Batman killed his family and everyone else that stood in his way. Consequently, the laughing Batman teams up with the dark god Barbatos and later Perpetua to initiate a realm of madness.

2.The Dark Knights troupe

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The Dark Knights were Batmen from Dark Multiverse worlds turning into killers. They went too far to pursue Justice to use plans against the Justice League and eventually kill them. Consequently, they became the Batman Who Laughs and Barbatos’s shock troopers.

3.The DCEU Batman

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The DCEU portraying the darkest version of Batman went through a case of grimdark. Batman of the DCEU may have been a less violent hero. The scenario was before Joker killed Robin. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice portrayed Batman with a rage to kill. Consequently, the battle to get Martha describes a Batman with no problem with his enemies dying.

4.Omega From Batman: Last Knight On Earth 

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Batman awoke to a world smashed by a villain called Omega in an alternate apocalyptic future of the main DCU. Batman, with the Joker’s living head, teams up with the remaining heroes to battle Omega. Surprisingly, Omega wasn’t the villain at all but the actual Batman. Consequently, Batman as Omega kills a lot of heroes to embrace the darkness within.

5.Batman From JLA: The Nail 

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Late ’90s Elseworlds story, JLA: The Nail, showcased a world where the Kents got a flat tire and never found baby Kal-El. Batman was a member of the Justice League in this world too. Moreover, a secret villain gifts the bad guys with Kryptonian tech, and one of those villains was the Joker. Joker’s Kryptonian weapon was too much for Batman when he tries to stop the Joker’s havoc. Joker forced Batman to watch him kill people as they begged for their lives. Consequently, Batman ended up breaking his neck in front of a crowd of people. But this marked him as evil in the eyes of the people of Gotham.

6.Flashpoint Batman 

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The world of Flashpoint introduced a new Batman. Instead of Thomas and Martha Wayne, it was Bruce who died that night. Thomas becomes Batman and Martha the Joker. Although unlike his son, Thomas Wayne had no second thoughts about killing. Consequently, he travels to the central universe and teams up with Bane to force his son to stop Batman. 

7.A Batman with Nazi Ideology

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Earth-10 is the world where the Nazis won WWII as Superman landed in German territory. The Justice League served the Reich to rule the world even after Hitler’s death. Leatherwing was the Batman of this universe. Embracing Nazi ideology, he showed no mercy. Consequently, Leatherwing and the Nazi Justice League dauntingly killed the enemies of the Reich. 

8.Batman From Superman: Red Son 

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Superman landed in Russia and became the Soviet Superman in In Superman: Red Son. He took over for Stalin when one of his illegitimate sons killed the Russian leader. Moreover, this son also kills Batman’s parents. Consequently, Batman becomes an enemy of the state by terrorizing Superman’s regime, killing soldiers, and making life difficult for Superman. He traps Superman using red sun lamps and manages to tie up Wonder Woman with the Lasso of Truth. 

9.Vampire Batman shows no mercy

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 The Dark Knight becomes a vampire in Batman & Dracula: Red Rain to battle the vampires’ Prince. Consequently, Batman kills the Joker, gets staked by Alfred and Jim Gordon, then resurrected. Moreover, he didn’t hesitate to slaughter his foes. A Batman with vampiric powers and bloodlust became the master of killing.

10.Batman 1989 

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In 1989, Batman, portrayed byMichael Keaton, was loved by fans when the movie hit theaters. Jack Nicholson stole the show as the Joker. Consequently, it became one of the best superhero films ever made. Though Batman wasn’t bloodthirsty, he did not have many problems with his foes dying in the battles. With machine guns on the Batmobile, his final battle with Joker was epic. Though he didn’t have a lot of choices as he ends up killing the Clown Prince.


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