10 Anime Characters So OP They Would’ve Ended Infinity War In An Instant

The world of anime has so many overpowered characters. If even one of them had taken part in Battle of Wakanda in infinity war, the Thanos Snap would have never happened.

(P.S: We are not including Goku, Naruto and Ichigo on this list because….well, duh!!!)

Satoru Gojo

Possessing the power of Limitless and Infinity, abilities that are courtesy of his bloodline, Satoru Gojo is someone not even his strongest foes know how to kill. He can manipulate space time and counter any attack thrown at him. His offensive abilities are so devastatingly powerful Thanos would be shitting his pants. Gojo is so jovial all the time because he knows there is no one who could challenge him if he got serious.


We begin this list with the most obvious choice. Saitama is the titular her of the anime series One Punch Man. His power is basically in his name. The guy is so ridiculously overpowered he has not met an enemy he cannot defeat in a single punch. With one punch Saitama once cleared cloud cover over half the planet in the resulting shockwave. He is known to be able to jump from the Moon to Earth. Thanos may have the Infinity Stones. Saitama has raw brute strength not even the Mad titan could defeat with the Infinity Gauntlet.


We wanted to put Meliodas on the list. But we settled for Escanor because of the crazy one-liners he makes while dishing it out to the enemy. Escanor is the God of Ego. He is probably the strongest member of the Seven deadly Sins. Meliodas, the Demon Prince, thought his power so so much of a danger he decided to take it away to protect Liones. This is a guy who does not feel hatred for his enemies. He merely pities whoever goes against him because everyone knows what is going to happen when somebody irks Escanor.

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An immortal vampire that has lived on for centuries is already a worthy enemy. But Alucard is more than that. He is not just some vampire warlord. He is the greatest of them all. In the world of Hellsing, Alucard commands legions of demonic soldiers and vampiric familiars. Thanos’ Outrider army would have been literally eaten away. Alicard cannot be killed, having shown to survive even the greatets of injuries like decapitation. His speed and power is unrivalled. Thanos would never be able to snap his fingers. Instead even before he would realize, Alucard would be holding his dismembered right arm in his hand.

Tetsuo Shima

Tetsuo was once a lowly member of a Biker Gang. In the movie Akira, Tetsuo meets with an accident and manages to awaken his latent psychic abilities. Even when in his nascent stage, Tetsuo as a telekinetic could bring down entire neighborhoods and cities. By the end of the movie, Tetsuo started breaking the very laws of physics. His power was enough to bring an end to the universe and the cradle of creation as we know it. His psychic powers allowed him to destroy and create realities in his own image.

Koro Sensei

Nobody knows where Koro Sensei hails from. All we know is that he was the result of a science experiment gone wrong. The world has no answer as to how to defeat him. Koro himself does not know how to die. Powerful enough to destroy the moon, Koro Sensei threatens the entire world would meet the same fate unless they manage to kill him. One of the greatest and most eccentric anime protagonists, Koro Sensei will thwart Thanos’ plans so easily Thanos would retire and become a farmer.


Granted he is just a character from a game. But Momonga should not be taken lightly. If he manages to somehow transport himself along with all his powers to the MCU, Thanos would lose without the shadow of a doubt. He boasts immense magical prowess. That scary skeleton look is not just for show. Momonga poses a level of power not even Thanos could wield with the Infinity Stones. Thanos would be crushed under Momonga’s pinky toe if the latter wanted to.

Gon Freecs

This kid was besting adults even before he reached puberty. And that was before he had harnessed the power of Nen. After mastering it, he developed the destructive Rock Papers Scissors ability, which is pretty versatile as a skill in battle. But would that be enough to defeat Thanos? Well if you have seen Gon’s fight with the scary cat lady Neferpitou, you know what we mean. That was some real scary stuff. Gon, once he becomes serious, absolutely dominates the battle no matter how ridiculously strong the opponent is.

Light Yagami

Do we even need to explain why. How many hearts does Thanos have? Because Light Yagami just needs one little notebook to crush them all. The Mad Titan might have his skills and strength. Light Yagami possesses the power over life and death over literally all sentient beings in this universe. The sociopathic genius is also brilliant in tact and strategy. He is the literal embodiment of the phrase – “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Light Yagami would see Thanos coming from a mile away. His Death Note is the ultimate weapon. Not even the Infinity Gauntlet possesses that kind of unique power over death.


Whitebeard possesses the power of one of the most powerful devil fruits to ever exist. He has the strength to destroy the entire world. The tremors he creates can topple tectonic plates, create new landmasses, and drown an entire nation. The Pirate Lord also has the power to literally crack open the fabric of reality. In One Piece, it took an entire army to put an end to his terror. Whitebeard is one bad boy even Thanos would think twice before crossing paths with.

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Bonus Entry: Saiki Kusuo

The show is more of the comedy genre than an action oriented venture. But this guy makes it nevertheless. Saiki is so overpowered the show runners do not even bother showing his various adventures. What we see is a fraction of his powers, most of which is sused against enemies in battles that happens off screen. He is an Esper with Godlike powers. From changing his form to teleporting anywhere anytime instantaneously and carry a plane while flying, Saiki has done it all.

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