10 Badass Sith Lords Fan-Art You Wish Were Canon

In the Star Wars mythos, the Jedi Order faces the threat of their ideological and moral counterparts, the Sith Order. Unlike the Jedi Master, the Sith Lords believe that peace is an illusion. A firm believer in the cycle of destruction and rebirth, the Sith Order uses the dark side of the Force. By tapping into their deepest instincts, the Sith Lords are always lusting for power and absolute authority.

The Sith Order is the major threat to the peace and harmony desired by the Jedi Order in the galaxy. As a Sith Lord grows in power, the desire for power and control grows manifolds. In the Star Wars lore, some of the well known Sith Lords are Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Darth Plageuis, and Darth Vader. As the users of the dark side of the Force, Sith Lords can use Force Lightning, along with most powers used by Jedi Masters.

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As the Sith and the Jedi are entwined to a fate of war, fans of Star Wars have their allegiance to the two sides of the Force. For the fans of the Dark Side, here are 10 badass Sith Lords fan-art by artists that you wish were canon.

1. Danyiart

Badass Sith Lords

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Created by Danyiart, this fearsome Sith Lord looks related to Darth Maul for obvious reasons. The lack of body armor is compensated by a terrifying lightsaber(s) shaped in a cross.

2. Daniel Martin

Wizard Sith Lords

Daniel Martin’s Sith Lord is a terrifying take depicting a wizard-like figure fallen to the dark side. Inspired by the samurai, this Sith Lord looks proficient with the lethal Force Lightning.

3. Enigmasystem

The dual lightsaber-wielding Sith Lord’s presence is enough to strike terror among the hearts of young padawans.

4. Airagitt

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Another dual lightsaber-wielding Sith Lord, she means business.

5. Michael Whiteside

Terrifying Sith Lords

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If two lightsabers were not enough to warn you, the Sith Lord’s terrifying mask and glowing red eyes will surely do the trick.

6. Zachco

Nightmarish Sith Lords

A distant relative of Darth Maul, Zachco’s creation is what nightmares are made of.

7. ApneicMonkey

Badass Sith Lords

The disturbing jaw mask and imposing physique mean only one thing: steer clear! This one clearly hits the gym regularly.

8. Wojtekfus

Seductive Sith Lords

Not all Sith Lords are grotesque in their appearance. Wojtekfus’ femme fatale is a seductive Sith Lord who seems more proficient with that lightsaber than she looks.

9. Rafael Siska

In a Sith Lord meets Marvel’s Ultron, Rafael Siska’s Sith Lord is covered with armor. His spine-chilling mask without many features speaks about your fate if you ever cross paths.

10. Caglayan Kaya Goksoy

A battle-hardened Sith Lord, he encompasses the ideology of the Sith Order. Covered with scars, this Sith Lord has survived numerous battles and emerged victoriously. In his quest for the ultimate power, this one can single-handedly wreak havoc on everything the Jedi stands for.

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