10 Beloved Shows That Did Not Age Well

What irks us is that despite them being total dumpster fire garbage shows by the time they ended, they are still brought up as the greatest, most iconic shows of all time. UNACCEPTABLE!!


Baywatch had a plot thinner than air itself. It was basically a show about women in bathing suits. There was little to nu substance in the episodes. We all knew what we were getting into when we tuned in to watch a late night rerun of the show.


Truth be told this show had a lot of potential. It could have dealt with issues of teenage trauma and glaring social issues of child abandonment and parental pressure. But Mayim Bialik’s Blossom sidelines all that, focusing on crass, infantile jokes. Not impressed.

Saved By The Bell

It was a fun show about a bunch of high school kids and their adventures through daily life. Saved By The Bell did tackle many real world issues that plague teenagers even today – drug use, driving under influence, and even bullying. But it is just not the the show that is anyone’s first choice to watch when we think of the genre anymore.

Walker, Texas Ranger

The problem with Walker is that it tried too hard, way too hard to be the story about an almighty, chest beating American white male who knows it all, does it all, sees it all. Walker looks like sheer propaganda now. It offers nothing more than a low grade police procedural drama series.

The Brady Bunch

The iconic show hails from the soaring Sixties. Back in 1969 when it aired, it was the talk of the town. As the years went by, The Brady Bunch’s writing team became too complacent. The jokes were not funny and by 1974 (when the show ended), we are glad it was over.

Family Matters

It was rare to see a Black family at the center of a sitcom back in those days (not that it has changed much today to tell you the truth). Family Matters started out about an entire family but eventually became the vehicle of the nerdy Steve Urkel, the only memorable character from the show.

Home Improvement

This iconic Tim Allen show, just like any other show or movie involving Tim Allen, is rife with controversies. Viewers call out the show regularly passed off misogynistic content as humor. Allen has also been accused of pushing his right wing bias into the show via his character.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

What has made the Power Rangers brand obsolete is the rise of comic book superheroes like Marvel and DC Comics heroes. The Power Rangers used to rule the TV world once upon a time. Now they are no longer at the zenith of the small screen or the big screen business.


Lost is a show that could have become a global phenomenon just like HBO did with Game of Thrones. As the show progressed, fans came to realize things were being added at random. The writers had no clue as to how to conclude the series and there were so many cringe plot-holes. By the time it ended, Lost had become lost in its way.

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