The 10 Best Captain America Elevator Memes

We know that The Avengers movies have always had many epic and funny moments due to their light comedy and that’s the reason their movie gross high in the film industry.

And that’s the reason those movies are still famous for their referenced jokes around social media, and that’s why a new meme popped up in February 2020 from the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers Endgame.

We have seen the scene where Captain America fights a group of Hydra soldiers in an elevator in Winter Soldier.

So when in Endgame Avengers went back in time for the tesseract this elevator scene appeared once again and then Captain America whispers “Hail, Hydra” in the ear of Jasper Sitwell in order to take the briefcase which has the tesseract and also to avoid the fight.

So there has been a meme template created with this scene for various Jokes. And Animated Times has collected some of those Best memes.

A. Don’t You Mean History:

B. Spring Water:

C. Why Do Mexcian Love Xanax??

D. What Does C Stands For….

E. Cannibals Love Cooked Men:

F. Fastest Liquid In The World:

G. Never Fart In An Apple Store:

H. Beard In Captivity:

I. Sadder Day…

J. An Influenzer:

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