“I wanna kill you. Because without the Joker around… I can. For all your noise and bluster, you’re just a.. a silly little girl, with no one around to protect her.”―Black Mask

The classic Batman villain Black Mask was included intensely in the new Birds of Prey movie. Here are 10 beautiful drawings of the villain. With the current year’s arrival of The Birds of Prey, the long-lasting Batman villain named Black Mask has gotten a huge lift in his popularity. He was played by the adored entertainer Ewan McGregor, which eventually helped old Roman Sionis a decent piece. Black Mask was additionally a highlight in the Batman: Arkham Origins videogame and showed up around there and even the Arkham Knight. Sionis was even in the Batman: Under the Red Hood animated movie. In other words, Black Mask’s star has been on the ascent for some time, and that implies that he’s been allowed some incredible fanart from a few capable artists across the web. We will jump into that today and discover for you the absolute best Black Mask fan art there is on the internet. But before that, a brief history of who Black Mask is? His real name is Roman Sionis, also known as Black Mask, a fictional supervillain showing up in comic books published by DC Comics. Made Tom Mandrake and Doug Moench, the character first appeared in the comic Batman issue no. 386, which was published in August 1985. He is ordinarily portrayed as a fierce and ruthless crime lord of Gotham City. The latter has an obsession with masks and gets vicious delight from the act of torture. Black Mask is perhaps the most long-lasting foes of the hero Batman and has a place with the group of enemies that make up his rogues’ display.

10. Crime Lord By Andrew Kuznetsov:


9. The Villain By  YETI000:


8. The Killer By Christian David Gonzales:


7. The Demon By Tarantinoss:


6. The Faces By RickCelis:


5. The Scars By Goran Bukvic:


4. The Angel Of Death By Well – Bee:


3.The Shadow By Eugene Gore:


2. The Criminal By Costalonga:


1. The Man By HouseofYahz:

So these are the 10 Best Pieces Of Black Mask Fanart From The Birds of Prey. Well, I love Ewan McGregor as Black Mask in Birds Of Prey. He really did a fantastic job and even elevated the level of the character. What do you guys have to say? Am I right, or Am right? Which among these is your favorite fanart, and did you like our top 10 pics? If yes, then let us know in the comment section below, and until then, keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination, on getting a closer look into the entertainment industry, upcoming movies, and TV Series or celebrity gossips, and much more stuff; we have got you all covered. So continue reading animated times, guys, for more.

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