10 Black Widow Cosplay That Are Way Too Real!!

“I’m multitasking.” -Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow).

“Natasha Romanova” also known as Black Widow was created by editor and plotter Stan Lee and artist Don Heck. She made her appearance in American comic books published by Marvel Comics in Tales of suspense issue #52 published on April 1964. She was introduced as a Russian Spy and a rival to Iron-Man, later she went to the United States, becoming an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and also one of the members of the main Avengers. And ever since she had been on big screen played by Scarlett Johansson the character has seen some marvellous heights, especially the was Scarlett Johansson pulled off that synthetic costume fans specially the gender-bent cosplayers have been trying to pull of that same in their own ways. The character’s popularity has increased since it was decided that Black Widow will be getting her solo movie played by our favourite Scarlett Johansson. Speaking of that, Animated Times are scoping out the 10 Black Widow cosplays that are way too real, so Scroll down to join us and have some fun!

#10 Endgame Cosplay By Sara:

#9 Widow’s Batons Addition Cosplay By Megan:

#8 Cosplay By Jay:

#7 Cosplay By Danielle Vedovelli:

#6 True Friendship Cosplay By katrina:


#5 Cosplay By Mireya:

#4 Cosplay By Rolyat:

#3  Over The Shoulder Pose Cosplay By Vickeytey:

#2 Dolled Up Cosplay By Sequoia:


#1 Cosplay By Lewdy:





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