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10 Characters Who Have Become Batman [Except Bruce]


Welcome to Animated Times, we love comics more than Goku loves food. I’m your host Sazid, and Batman has been around since 1939. So there’s been a heck of a lot of time for characters other than Bruce Wayne to Down the cape and cowl. Today I’m gonna name 10 of them. Anyway, the here’s the list of top 10 characters who have become Batman.


characters playing batman

I’m gonna mention is easily one of my favorites and that would be Terry McGinnis.

I mean come on Batman Beyond is easily one of the coolest concepts the Batman mythos has to offer for the approximately 1% of you who don’t know, Batman Beyond started as an animated series in 1999, and was born from the success of Batman the Animated Series, and the Superman animated series cartoons.

It’s based several years in the future, where Bruce is too old to be Batman, so he finds a successor in Terry McGinnis and Terry gets the chance to become Batman.

Bruce then supports Terry as his guy in the chair as an Ed from Spider-Man: Homecoming would say. It was later revealed that Terry’s dad Warren McGinnis has reproductive cells were overwritten with Bruce’s DNA by Amanda Waller making Terry Bruce’s son. So Batman Beyond is literally the son Batman.


Damian as batman

Bruce’s son that became Batman Damian Wayne Batman, fans know that Damian is the child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul.

We first see Damian take over his father’s mantle in “Batman 666” as part of a possible future, and the idea was later explored a little more in the Damian son of Batman four-issue miniseries. Where we see Damian take over as Batman after Dick Grayson Batman is killed by an exploding.

Joker fish and Bruce are hospitalized partially due to Damian. As one might assume Damian Batman is far more ruthless than his father, for example, he has metal spikes on his knuckles meaning every punch from him is extremely violent and brutal.


Thomas Have Become Batman

In the Flashpoint timeline or world, Bruce was killed instead of his parents that night in Crime Alley.

This leads to his father going down the path to becoming Batman, much like Bruce in the DC Universe.

Proper the tragedy of losing their son, also made Bruce’s mom Martha Wayne go insane and she becomes this world’s Joker.

Fascinating right his dad becomes Batman and his mom becomes the Joker. It’s amazing and Thomas Wayne is also a way more ruthless Batman than his son, he’s happy to kill any criminal that gets in his way.

He also tracked down Joe Chill and beat him to death with his bare hands for killing his son. I mean what do you expect from a Batman that carries a handgun on each thigh.

He also impaired Reverse-Flash in the chest with a sword. What I’m saying is this daddy Batman doesn’t play.


Sir Wayne Williams long story, short Wayne had a hard life. First, his father was killed on Wayne himself was framed for the attempted murder of someone else.

While in prison he trained to the peak of human conditioning, and when he was eventually released from prison, he became a wrestler.

Sometime later he asked a scientist friend to make him a superhero suit that allowed him to fly and have bat-like abilities after which he took the name, Batman and became one of the characters to become Batman.

He found the gangster who destroyed his life and killed him dead. So that’s Batman if Stan Lee would have created him.

Listen, Stan, I love you and the origin is okay but the costume is terrible anyway.


Superman Become Batman

Superman has donned the cape and cowl several times over the years for Bruce, whether it was to keep
reporter Vicki Vale from figuring out that Bruce Wayne was really Batman, or just to fill in for Batman for some other reason.

Point is Supes has filled in for his buddy on more than one occasion.


Battle of the cowl comic poster

When Bruce Wayne was thought to be dead, because of the events of Final Crisis, someone had to take up the mantle of Batman, and when Dick Grayson initially turned it down good, Tim Drake was forced to fill the shoes.

Tim felt it was his responsibility since there’s no way he could let Jason Todd become the new Batman.

Jason put on the cape and cowl and ran around trying to be the new Batman. Anyway, as you can imagine, he was an extremely reckless and violent gun-wielding Batman during this battle for the cowl and who was going to permanently be the new Batman.

Tim and Jason got into a fight and Jason almost killed him by putting a Batarang in his chest. This, of course, led to Dick Grayson taking down Jason Todd, and finally stepping up to take his rightful place as the new Batman.

Who could really argue with Dick Grayson aka Nightwing aka the first and true Robin? Word with dick now carrying the Batman mantle, he also appoints at Damian Wayne as the new Robin, Tim Drake then became Red Robin and Jason went back to his Red Hood persona.


Most 90s comic fans are probably super familiar with Jean-Paul Valley because when Bane puts Bruce out of commission by breaking his back, Bruce knew that with Bane’s rising power there was no way Gotham could go without a Batman.

So he asked Jean to fill the role, the problem is Jean became more and more unstable and reckless as Batman suited as Azrael conditioning.

So by the end Batman was forced to trick Valley into removing his awesome bad armor, yes I said awesome I don’t care if it’s very 90s, I still love it anyway.

Once you remove the armor and helmet he also removed his version of Batman.


hugo strange as batman

In the story called Batman Prey, Hugo Strange is working on a psychological profile of Batman.

But of course like all evil geniuses his behavior became quite unstable so much.

So that he makes himself a bat suit and dresses up as the Caped Crusader.

Basically, his obsessive attempts to figure out Batman turns into him running around his Batman, Hugo Strange has dressed up as Batman on more than one occasion wanting to be more ruthless and efficient Batman, because he’s crazy.


During the endgame storyline, Batman and the Joker were thought to have killed each other.

Bruce, of course, wasn’t dead but he did lose his memory of being Batman and again Gotham couldn’t go without Batman.

So the GCPD created a Batman armor and appointed Jim Gordon as the new Batman.

Now even though I didn’t initially like this Bat Bunny armor which Jim officially refers to a rookie.

It did grow on me and Jim’s normal bat suit looks awesome as the new Batman, he fights the villain Mr. bloom until Bruce returns his Batman, and helps Gordon defeat Bloom.


Bruce’s surrogate father and Butler put on the bat suit and became Batman in issue 5 of the Batman
rebirth title.

In order to distract the hero turn to villain Gotham from hurting anyone. Alfred puts on the cape and cowl and jumps in the Batmobile, he then runs Gotham in the back at a hundred and ninety-six miles per hour.

Alfred then gets out of the Batmobile and says “If you’re not citizens of Gotham The Dark Knight has returned” Gotham clearly knows this isn’t the real Batman, but and distracts them long enough for Bruce the real Batman to show up and give them some Sweet Chin Music.

That’s it… My comic comrades, let me know in the comments section which is your favorite character to become the caped crusader.