10 DC Movie Moments That Made the DCEU Better than the Comics

It is a known fact that MCU was a bigger hit when compared to DCEU. But at least the DCEU fared way better than the comics.

Here’s a look at ten such remarkable incidents that make DCEU a success :

1. Flight by Clark Kent
Clark Kent was different in DCEU
A glimpse of Clark Kent

The Clark Kent in Man of Steel was a character that the audience loved. However, in most of the comics, he was not happy and seemed to be different. When he started to test his flight abilities, fans began to see him smiling and laughing.

2. Superman’s Expiry
Superman's funeral was an emotional scene
A close still of Superman

After the killing of Superman in Batman vs. Superman was seen, the DCEU was firm that if the scene was to be repeated, it would have a higher emotional effect. The funeral of Superman was the most touching scene in Dawn of Justice.

3. The Suicide Squad
 Suicide Squad failed to impress the audiences
The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad, created by DCEU, did not fare well when it hit the theaters. However, specific incidents in the film make it a memorable one. A heart touching scene in the movie included the reward given to the remaining members of the task force. The last scene made it all worth watching.

4. No Man’s Land
Diana's remarkable performance
A still of Diana

A scene from No Man’s Land made its fans wondering about it. In the background where Diana wishes to defeat Ares, she is seen fighting her heart out with all bravery and courage, battling numerous bullets and blasts.

5. The Torn Shirt of Superman
 Superman tore his shirt in the movie Justice League
A still of Superman’s torn shirt

A memorable moment from the movie Justice League includes the tearing of the shirt by Clark Kent. Clark Kent Superman’s logo from beneath his costume gets visible on his shirt tearing apart.

6. The One and Only Arthur Curry
Arthur earned the trident on grounds of being capable
The Almighty King

Arthur is rightly said to be the True King. Karathen gave the trident to Arthur since he proved himself to be worthy and capable of earning the trident.

7. The Shazam
Shazam's family had a strong bond
The Humorous Shazam

Shazam showcased a rather humorous character in DCEU. The movie highlighted the love and depth of the strength of Shazam’s family.

8. Harley Quinn’s Rolling Skates
 Harley Quinn showcased remarkable performance in Birds of Prey
A still of Harley Quinn’s with her Skates

Harley Quinn got a second chance to showcase the talent, and she did remarkably well in Birds of Prey. The best scene involved Harley Quinn on roller skates, which she used to attack the Black mask.

9. Maxwell Lord
 Maxwell out performed in Wonder Woman 1984
A still from Wonder Woman 1984

Maxwell Lord’s character caught the limelight in Wonder Woman 1984. His character showcased positivity, and he was seen making the right decisions.

10. DCEU Over The Comics
DCEU shines above The Comics
The different characters in DCEU

DC comics are appearing to be clumsy as compared to DCEU. As compared to The Comics, DCEU has maintained a straight thread of movies that are much easy to understand.

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