10 DC Super Villains Who Would Annihilate Black Widow

Black Widow is no doubt one of the greatest avengers who ever lived. Her close combat skills are legendary. But when pitted against these DC Supervillains, even the mighty Black Widow will bite the dust.

Ra’s Al Ghul

He was once just a normal warrior grief-stricken with war and chaos tearing his land and people up. Then he discovered the fountain of youth and then used it over and over again, achieving immortality. But just immortality was not enough. he wanted to ensure whatever destroyed his land does not happen to anyone else. So he created an international organization with roots that run deep into every corner of the world. Ra’s Al Ghul is a legend. he is a warrior who can give Batman a run for his money. Black Widow is but merely one spy. Ra’s Al Ghul is a master combatant and the immortal leader of an organization that has an army of spies and assassins. Even in a one on one battle. Black Widow will not stand a chance against an enemy who has literally hundreds of years of experience in close combat.


Slade Wilson does not get enough credit in the DC Universe. There is no person on Earth who is safe once Deathstroke decides to end his or her life. This is a guy who has bypassed umpteen amount of tremendous security to kill his target. And he has done it in style. Once it was revealed that Deathstroke has crafted his own version of Batman’s Justice League Contingency plan to take down each member of the superhero team. He is known to use swords in battle but he is just as good with a pair of guns. We are pretty sure Black Widow will bite the dust should she choose to be cocky and challenge Slade Wilson to a duel.

Lady Shiva

She is the deadliest fighter in the DC Universe. The only person who can even fathom to challenge her in a fight is Batman. And he too has faced defeat at the hands of Lady Shiva. Her alignment towards villainy is flimsy. Sometimes, she does end up saving the day. But the one thing about her is that she never turns down a chance to fight a worthy opponent. Black Widow is a master assassin and spy. Lady Shiva will jump at the opportunity to fight Marvel’s premier close combat specialist. Until she makes Black Widow eat her own toe-nails and walks away in disappointment that is.

Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage is the kind of guy who can never be taken by surprise. It does not work on him because he has seen it all, heard it all, and done it all. A mysterious meteorite turned a primitive human species back in the ancient times into one of the smartest beings on earth. With his enhanced intelligence and longevity, this being roamed the earth, taking part in almost every significant human event through the ages. Now calling himself Vandal Savage. he has acquired a wealth of knowledge and resources. He has been exposed to hundreds of combat techniques and has honed and mastered them all. Black Widow will have a tough time against a villain who has the skill to anticipate her every move.

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Barbara Ann Minerva’s backstory has been changed numerous times over the years. But her tumultuous relationship with Wonder Woman has remained constant throughout. Cheetah has been a thorn at Wonder Woman’s side for decades. To be evenly matched with a Demigod meta-Human who can go toe to toe with Superman is no small feat. Apart from her intellect and tactical prowess, Cheetah also possesses superhuman strength, reflexes, agility, and of course her inhuman speed. Black widow is but one mere mortal. Cheetah would dance around her like the Angel of Death before doling out the killing blow.


Deadshot has fired more bullets than a normal person has breathed in his entire lifetime. His Godlike accuracy means that even a simple gun is enough for Deadshot to become a human weapon of mass destruction. Black Widow is skilled in using small arms too but her skill in it is limited. If you think Black Widow can close the gap and challenge Deadshot to a one on one fight, you are mistaken. It will be very tough to take him down for Black widow since the former is a master martial artist himself. He will just stall until he reaches a gun. And then you will see Black Widow become the human version of swiss cheese.


Prometheus was once a normal kid. His adoptive parents were thieves who were killed and Prometheus was left to grow up as an orphan. He has hated the reason for him being orphaned ever since. It was a superhero that he held responsible for the death of his family. So as he grew up, he up-skilled himself as well as his hatred for all vigilante superheroes. Using a special helmet, Prometheus can download the skills and abilities of any individual directly into his brain. he has used it to download the knowledge of the entire Justice League. And using their own knowledge against the League, he almost brought down the superhero team. In other words, Prometheus is the able-bodied representation of all the skills and knowledge of the entire Justice League. There’s no way Black widow escapes this one alive.


Cheshire has been said to be the “second most deadly assassin in the world. ” And that was said by none other than Black Canary, a highly skilled and reputed close combat fighter, Cheshire has years of experience in the art of stealth and assassination. She is also a huge fan of using poisons. Everything from her knives to nails are coated in a lethal dosage of poison. One scratch from her attacks and you are pretty much toast. Over the years, Cheshire’s skills became so infamous that she was selected as the chief enforcer in numerous criminal organizations. You don’t mess around with someone who has earned the respect of the Mafia!!


A master thief, burglar, and anti-hero, Catwoman is every jewelry hoarding mistress’ worst nightmare. Selina Kyle was never formally taught the ways of combat. She taught herself. So her style of fighting in unique and nigh unpredictable because it is based on distinct stances and forms not found in any other martial arts techniques. Black widow received rigorous training in only conventional martial arts styles. Catwoman on the other hand has several unique techniques under her belt. To top it off her street-smarts have made her exceptionally resourceful in battle. Black Widow will not stand a chance if she encounters Catwoman out in the open.

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Bronze Tiger

One kick. One kick is all this guy needs to take down the Black Widow. As one of the most well-known close combat fighters in the DC Universe, Bronze Tiger is a force to be reckoned with. he is someone whos skills as a fighter has been acknowledged by the legendary Lady Shiva. A longtime member of the League Of assassins, Bronze Tiger has also acted as an anti-hero at times. Regardless of his motifs, Bronze Tiger is a martial artist who comes once every generation. The dude has so many wins under his belt that we have lost count already. Some of his greatest wins have been against people like Deathstroke, Vixen, and even the great batman at times. Black Widow may be a skilled espionage expert but when it comes to trading fists, Bronze Tiger takes the cake.

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