10 Disneyland Secrets From Former Employees

10 Disneyland secrets from former employees. It’s almost every kid’s dream to visit Disneyland someday. However, some adults still wish they could go to this fairyland and have the best day of their life. But the real question is – is it really worth it? For someone who has been to Disneyland, it’s a hell of an experience. But after I came across these secrets, I couldn’t wait but share. However, I must tell you that these pointers are not 100% confirmed. So, here’s a list of 10 Disneyland secrets from former employees. Check it out!

1. Hungry?

10 Disneyland Secrets From Former Employees
10 Disneyland Secrets From Former Employees

One employee revealed the strategy for you to get hungry at Disneyland. It is said that bread-flavored air is pumped out of the rocks on the food-adjacent roads.

2. Anyone Can Work

A keen and honest employee shared that she/he did not follow the required protocol and agrees that s/he was underqualified for the job.

3. Codeword

With so many people visiting every day, the employees would have a codeword for certain mishaps and clean-ups. For example, an employee said the codeword for a vomit clean-up was a “protein spill”.

4. Recycling

When it comes to recycling, Disneyland might be the best at it and I’ll tell you why. An employee shared that his brother’s costumes such as Tigger, Goofy, etc., were so hot that people would actually throw up in the costume itself.

5. Covert Operation

Disney University is where the employees go for their orientation and training. One employee shared that it is based in Orlando. However, it’s hard to find it because it looks like a warehouse from the outside.

6. Wait, what?

10 Disneyland Secrets From Former Employees
10 Disneyland Secrets From Former Employees

If you think that dumping your loved ones in the Haunted Mansion is a good idea, you must know that it’s not. They’re getting vacuumed up and being disposed of.

7. Casting Process

An employee shares that if you had to play a character, you would have to go through a proper audition process. There are proper callbacks too. First, you’d have to perform a choreographed dance, then improve as the character, then perform the same dance if you get the callback.

8. Creepy Rooms

One employee shared that while s/he was walking through the Magic Kingdom tunnel, s/he came across a room which was too creepy. Why? That’s because it was a costume room with a bunch of character’s heads on sticks. Including Mickey, which is not a pleasant view to the eyes.

9. Sorry Not Sorry?

10 Disneyland Secrets From Former Employees
10 Disneyland Secrets From Former Employees

A sort of grumpy employee shares the long working hours and little pay that s/he got while his time at Disneyland in the 2000s. One can only hope that the employees are now getting remunerated properly. The employee lived in Disney’s apartment complex and shared more about the parties that went on there.

10. Naughty Willy

What you’re about to read is actually hilarious. This employee used to be a safari driver at the Killimanjaro attraction in the Animal Kingdom. One day, as this person was spilling random elephant facts, a kid from the backseat said that he saw an elephant with five legs. The employee turned around and saw this elephant called Willy with his five-feet penis surprising people. Sorry, kid.

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