10 Events In Harry Potter That Hold Absolutely No Meaning In The Real World!!!

When we talk about the fictional world we usually tend to assume what if reality would have been similar to that. However, what things look good on TV does not necessarily mean that it would appear to be the same in real life too. When we talk regarding the Wizarding World what comes to our mind is that of Harry Potter. Let’s have a look at the different things that form part of the magical world of Harry Potter that might actually be senseless in today’s time :


The way how potions have been used in Harry Potter
A still of the Potion Lab

The different types of potions that are used in Harry Porter seem to be quite irrational. These potions have the tendency to clean out a person’s memory, which might include the various crimes committed by them. They basically act as a curse for others. 


The Wizard Healthcare could have been portrayed better
A glimpse of the healthcare

It is also quite hard to believe how the aspect of magic healing works in this wizarding world. The big question it raises is regarding if bones can be brought back then there are chances that other different health issues could also be fixed? That would include Harry’s vision. 


The fighter Harry in Quidditch
Harry in Quidditch

It is seen that the Snitch has taken the entire limelight here. On catching the Golden Snitch, the points earned would be nearly double. However, the game would have been more interesting if the Snitch was not involved. 


How the Muggle technology could have been better used
The Muggle Technology

What differs between the Wizard World and Muggle is the way they deliver the messages. Muggle technology makes use of fax machines to send messages. However, in the case of the Wizard World, they make use of letters. Further, it is also seen that the Wizard is unaware of Muggle life.

WIZARD TRANSPORTATION – There seems to be absolutely no need for the people in Wizard to use transportation facilities like buses, trains or flying cars. However, as shown people in Wizard could have been given the authority to use portkeys. 

The transportation mess in Harry Potter
The transportation Wizard


The popular triwizard tournament
The trophy of the TriWizard Tournament

There are basically two issues with the Triwizard tournament. The first one being the fact that the tournament lacks the entertainment factor. The second issue is regarding the fact that Harry was never seen to be a part of the tournament. 


How voldemort has been portayed
Harry Potter and Voldemort

The reason for this could be due to the fact the Voldemort wanted to use Harry’s blood so that he got into full power. It was also seen that the plot really got boring seeing the extreme efforts that were put in by the Death Eaters to get Harry back to the graveyard. 


The time turner was a piece of great help
Harry Potter showcasing the timeturner

It was seen that time turners had the ability to change past events. The Time-Turner machine would have the capability to solve many problems of the past that included finding the name of the person who mentioned Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire. However, in the series, the Time-Turner was put to another use. 


Fred and George knew the dark secrets
The Twins

Fred and George got their hands on the magical document known as the Marauder’s Map. This map had the entire overview of Hogwarts. What Harry Potter depicts is the fact that these twins had not used the Marauder’s Map for a long time.


Hogwarts school - A symbol of danger
A glimpse of the Hogwarts School in Harry Potter

The school seems to be a dangerous place for students. One of the reasons for this is the absolute favoritism that is done in the school. The school also seems to have hired incompetent teachers which included some of them being murderers. The school looks divine and full of magic however in terms of education it lags far behind.

The above are some of the different aspects of the Wizarding World that might make no sense in real life. The incidents could have been better pictured so that it would imply some meaning to the audiences. 

Apart from the above mentioned senseless things we have a video showcasing some great scenes of Harry Potter!

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