10 Fabulous Disney Princess Cosplay

Cosplay is actually a portmanteau of the word costume play in which fans or participants also known as Cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories of their favourite character from the comic book and movie either in their original form or with a pinch of their flavours added to the cosplay. Cosplay is not at all an easy task especially with some hard to achieve look characters and the Disney princess particularly because these cosplays are no cakewalks. Despite of that there has always been new ways to perk up as Snow White or Elsa, and cosplayers love to put their own spin in-to their favourite Disney Princess Cosplay. And as in the recent years there have been so many new live-action Disney movies Disney princess cosplaying has become more fun. Let’s find out some of the most fabulous Disney Princess Cosplay ever.

1 Ariel By Brulee:

2 Cinderella By Avera Puta:

3 Mona By Misa Ragsdale:

4 Jasmine By Victoria Porrini:

5 Belle By Marta.R:

6  Mulan By Evie:


7 Sleeping Beauty By Nelly Laufeyson:

8 Rapunzel By Bunny:

9 Snow White By Garbledville:


10 Pocahontas By Kaori:


Source: JJ RANKIN 

Azhan Ali
Azhan Ali

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