Okay yes, TV series have always set some really high unrealistic standards for men and we have crushes on so many of them. Yes, there have been some toxic yet so hot and some of the men have been just so perfect that it has been difficult to criticize them or even point out there mistakes.

Here is a list of the most unproblematic TV series Men we all wish were for real.



1. Winston Bishop From New Girl

We reckon that Winston from New Girl is the best character in the entire TV history. Like think about it, all he does is sing Wicked, wears bird shirts and hangs out with his cat and solves puzzles. Isn’t he the dream boy?




2. Michael Cordero From Jane The Virgin

Michael was along with being a great husband to Jane, he also said his vows in Spanish and it melted all our hearts!



3.Marshall Eriksen From How I Met Your Mother

He was always there for his friends and no matter how ridiculous they were. He helped Barney to play pranks, drilled Ted out of a mailbox… He always prioritized his friends and was probably the sanest of them all. He was probably the most perfect husband to Lily. He might not have been the main lead of the TV show, but in our hearts Marshall Eriksen is the true hero of How I Met Your Mother.



4. Ben Warren From Grey’s Anatomy

Ben’s love for Bailey is extremely pure and unconditional. His relationship with her Tuck is adorable and he always keeps family first. Perfect men do not ex-




5. Mike Hannigan From Friends

He was always so honest and true about his future plans always chose the thing which wouldn’t hurt Phoebe. And he had the perfect sense of humor to compliment that of Phoebe’s.



6. Killian Jones From Once Upon A Time

He is probably the sweetest guy from the series. He wants the best for Emma and Henry and has sacrificed a lot to bring back Emma home.




7. Mike Chang From Glee

More hot Asians, you say? Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang in "Glee") : LadyBoners

He is an extremely supportive of everyone and  the nicest character on the show.




8. Daniel Sousa From Agent Carter

Daniel is just so impressive. He stands up for Peggy all the times in an extremely male dominated society and job. He is also supportive of her and respects and values her opinions and the best thing; he treats her as equal!




9. Ted Mullens From Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek on Twitter: "This is a Dr. Theodore Mullens appreciation tweet.… "

He is probably the sweetest guy in the entire series. He always treated Alexis like royalty when they are dating and even when she breaks up, he gives her a job and treats her with respect as if nothing happened.  Sorry but such men are kind of rare!




10.   Jack Pearson From This Is Us

Jack Pearson has done everything right ; like the character with most things done right (considering everyone is in the series is just so sweet and pious)
He was an amazing older brother for Nicky considering their dad was abusive and so he made sure to be a very caring parent. He went into the fire to save his daughter’s dog and that just shows how much he hated to his loved ones in pain.

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