10 Funny Thor Memes Only True Marvel Fans Will Get…..

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

Created by Stan Lee back in august 1962 The Asgardian God of Thunder Thor, as the name suggest is the god form  the Norse mythology, who has appeared as a character in several comic books and Series over the years, And has also appeared in several MCU movies played by actor  Chris Hemsworth. Though all mighty Thor is a powerful God in the Marvel Universe he still has quite a lot of good humour specially when played by Chris Hemsworth. As Thor has appeared in several Avenger Movies and has also given his solo movie he has a massive fandom all around the Globe that loves him. Being one of the funniest Avengers the Asgardian Prince has several memes on the internet that makes his fans go nuts around. As Thor was a part of MCU’s Phase 1 there are so many Hilarious moments that fans can choose to turn into memes. These memes are way funnier when played by Chirs himself as they have been inspired by his funny humour, in the films he has been. So be careful while diving into these hilarious memes or else you might just get stuck to your phone while watching all these funny memes that are out there from fellow Thor and Marvel fans.


1 Before And After Watching Endgame:

2 Don’t Mess With Bruce…

3 Profile V.S. Tagged Photo

4 PSSST…..Welcome Flash!!!

5 Drastic Truth:

6 Thor Watches From A Distance:

7 Low-Key….

8 Bad Predictor Thor:

9 Thor V.S. Hulk:

10 The Mjolnir  Hanger…




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