10 Gotham City Superheroes Who Betrayed The City

In Tom King and David Finch’s very first issue of “Batman,” the innovative group drastically presented 2 brand-new superheroes to the Dark Knight’s world: Gotham and Gotham Girl. And, as the 2nd problem revealed, there is a little secret over whether Gotham and Gotham Girl are as brave as they appear.

This, naturally, is all part of a long custom of mystical superheroes appearing in Gotham City and ending up being something besides they appear. Often they’re bad guys, in some cases, they’re heroes in camouflage, however, they usually leave a significant mark on Batman’s world. Here are 10 of the most considerable Gotham city Superheroes who betrayed the city.

10. Deadshot

Deadshot Betrayed Gotham

Almost forty years prior to he ended up being a stalwart member of the Suicide Squad, Deadshot made his launching in 1950’s “Batman” # 59 (by David Vern Reed, Bob Kane, and Lew Schwartz). Floyd Lawton was an interesting character from the start; an abundant socialite like Bruce Wayne, Lawton was a sharpshooter who ended up being the hero referred to as Deadshot. As cities secured by superheroes appear wont to do, Gotham rapidly switched to Batman and Robin and welcomed its brand-new hero.

As it ended up, Deadshot was covertly an up and coming gang lord who would apprehend little time wrongdoers in one place in order to sidetrack everybody from significant tasks being pulled by his own gang at the exact same time. When he was exposed, Deadshot had a possibility to eliminate Batman– however the Dark Knight had actually changed all the sights on his weapons, so Deadshot kept missing out on. Following his defeat, Deadshot was gone from comics for over 20 years prior to Marshall Rogers offered him his now-iconic outfit in “Detective Comics” # 475, and the rest was history.

9. Owlman


Owlman was one of the character who betrayed Gotham city. A couple of years prior to the Crime Society of America debuted with an Owlman of their own (the evil reverse of Batman), a various Owlman debuted in 1957’s “Batman” # 107 (by Bill Finger, Sheldon Moldoff and Stan Kaye). This Owlman was an odd duck– you see, Dick Grayson was exposed to a gas that changed him into a grownup. Batman, naturally, purchased him grounded as both Robin and as Dick, in case anybody saw the older Grayson with the older Robin and put 2 and 2 together. Cock was inflamed, so he obtained a masquerade outfit Bruce as soon as used and entered into action as Owlman. The outcome was a funny of mistakes as Dick continuously forgot to change for his bigger stature and he kept breaking or crashing things. Ultimately, he was recorded and unmasked, however Batman saved him and, thankfully, the gas diminished, protecting his real identity.

8. Mystery Man

Mystery Man (Superheroes Who Betrayed Gotham City)

A couple of months later on, in the pages of “Detective Comics” # 245 (by Edmond Hamilton, Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris), readers satisfied a superhero with the apt name, Mysteryman, who was buying Batman and Robin around on a case including desired lawbreakers being smuggled overseas to dedicate criminal offense in Europe. Previously in the problem, Gotham City’s mayor had actually chastised Commissioner Gordon for taking too long to stop the smugglers. Therefore, the mayor stated, Gordon, ought to leave the case to Batman and Robin. On The Other Hand, Vicki Vale tried to find out who Mysteryman is, going through all the old stand-bys (Superman in camouflage, a robotic, and so on) however in the end, she determined that it was Commissioner Gordon! Having actually been informed to turn the case over to Batman and Robin, and not wishing to defy the mayor, he chose to work along with them as a superhero!

7. PowerMan


Okay, the whole concern does not happen in Gotham City, however enough of it does that we’re including it here In 1958’s “World’s Finest Comics” # 94 (by Edmond Hamilton, Dick Sprang and Stan Kaye), Lex Luthor got away from jail. Batman and Robin figured that they would be available in useful for Superman to remove Luthor due to the fact that they were not susceptible to kryptonite. They were surprised, consequently, to discover that Superman didn’t desire them dealing with him in this case due to the fact that he had a brand-new partner, Powerman!

Batman and Robin choose not to take no for a response, and hound Luthor, stopping him prior to he might utilize his kryptonite on Superman. As it ended up, Powerman was a robotic Superman had actually constructed so it might get the kryptonite. When it comes to why he didn’t idea his pals in on his strategy, Superman, later on, discussed that when Luthor broke out, he utilized a harmful energy beam and Superman believed that it would be too hazardous for Batman and Robin. Type of condescending of Superman, however, we’re sure he indicated well.

6. Crimson Knight

Crimson Knight

In 1959’s “Detective Comics” # 271 (by Dave Wood and Sheldon Moldoff), Batman and Robin satisfy a mystical brand-new hero referred to as the Crimson Knight. The Knight used middle ages fit of armor, however, was equipped with high tech gizmos, consisting of an electrical sword. He foiled criminal activities of all the significant gangs in Gotham City, rapidly ending up being a well-respected hero and turning to be a Gotham superhero who betrayed the city

As it ended up, nevertheless, the entire thing was a ploy. The Crimson Knight was really Dick Lyons, the head of among the extremely gangs the Crimson Knight targeted! You see, Lyons’ strategy was to obtain himself into a position of trust order to land the project of safeguarding an incredibly important delivery of files. Thankfully, Batman determined he was a scoundrel, and he and Robin apprehended the faux-hero.

5. TigerMan


1961’s “World’s Finest Comics” 119 (by Jerry Coleman, Dick Sprang and Stan Kaye), presented a new hero referred to as Tigerman. From the start, the hero was seen buying Batman, Superman and Robin around as they all attempted their finest to stop the head of an effective brand-new criminal company referred to as the Purple Legion. The head of the group was General Grambly, who utilized his military know-how to assist the criminals manage criminal offenses with accuracy. Plus, he ensured never ever to head out in public, lest he be caught.

Tigerman, nevertheless, appeared to toss a brand-new wrinkle into Gotham’s superhero hierarchy. He bossed Batman, Robin and Superman around, however he was an unskilled hero. He continuously messed up, as the heroes kept cannot stop the Purple Legion. Eventually, Tigerman made it clear that the only factor he supervised was due to the fact that he understood the secret identities of the Dynamic Duo and the Man of Steel! General Grambly could not assist however be intrigued in that, so he had actually Tigerman recorded. Prior to he might question him, nevertheless, Tigerman exposed himself to be Superman in camouflage (with a robotic playing the function of the Man of Steel)! They deliberately made Tigerman look unskilled (and filled with such important details) so Grambly could not assist however reveal himself personally to question him!

4. Ant-Man

In 1963’s “Batman” # 156 (whose 2nd story is the well-known “Robin Dies at Dawn”) (by Bill Finger, Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris), Batman was away on a secret objective, leaving Robin all alone. Then, a strange, diminishing hero calling himself Ant-Man appeared.

Demonstrating how little trust there remained in their relationship, Robin presumed that Ant-Man was Batman in camouflage, so he coordinated with the brand-new hero to stop a hazardous gang. After they stopped the gang, nevertheless, Ant-Man took the gems that the gang had actually initially pilfered and got away. Recognizing Ant-Man was a scoundrel himself, Robin found the teacher who had actually established a diminishing formula– simply as Ant-Man had, obviously. It ends up, Ant-Man was a criminal who betrayed Gotham, was shot and drifted down a river– ideal by the area where chemicals put out of the teacher’s laboratory! Ant-Man was ultimately apprehended, however, they didn’t have a treatment for his shrunken condition.

3. NightMan

Gotham City Superheroes Who Betrayed The City

In 1966’s “World’s Finest Comics” # 155 (by Edmond Hamilton, Curt Swan and George Klein), Superman and Batman are prepared to commemorate their 1,000th case interacting. At the very same time, Superman was investing increasingly more time with a strange brand-new superhero called Nightman rather of socializing with Batman.

Choosing to find out who Nightman was, Batman’s examination led him to challenge the hero at the celebration of Superman and Batman’s 1,000th case. Nightman beat Batman quickly, nevertheless, and firmly insisted that he be called Superman’s finest partner. Superman, however, understood that it was not the genuine Nightman– it was a robotic Batman created to make it appear like he had actually lost to Nightman. You see, Batman had actually found out the fact– Superman had actually hypnotized Batman into ending up being Nightman! The entire thing was Superman’s present to Batman– a super-difficult secret to fix! Superman provides strange presents, individuals.

2. The Cavalier


Based upon a Golden Age Batman bad guy, the Cavalier made his launching in 1992’s “Legends of the Dark Knight” # 32, the very first part of a three-part story, “Blades,” by James Robinson and Tim Sale. Here, rather of being a straight-out bad guy like in the Pre-Crisis connection, the Cavalier was a hero.

Getting Here in Gotham City while Batman was dedicating all his time to locating a serial killer referred to as Mr. Lime, the Cavalier rapidly ended up being a well-known hero. Batman really wound up a fan of him, also– he advised Batman of his youth (Bruce Wayne was a Zorro fan, after all), and the Cavalier’s positive mindset while combating criminal offense was a motivation to the brooding hero. In the end, however, it ended up that the Cavalier was weak-willed, rapidly relying on a life of criminal activity when he recognized simply how simple it would be for him to take things.

1. Baphomet

Baphomet Betraying Gotham

The year-long (2009-2010) six-issue miniseries, “Batman: The Widening Gyre” (by Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan and Art Thibert) saw Batman handle challenging the past while reuniting with his old love, Silver St. Cloud, in today. All this while a brand-new hero in Gotham (a goat-themed character referred to as Baphomet) appeared to represent the future. As the series went along, and Batman drew more detailed and more detailed to Silver, he likewise ended up being buddies with Baphomet. The 2 heroes bonded and, in the last concern, Batman lastly chose to open himself approximately his brand-new hero good friend, welcoming him into Batcave and exposing his secret identity. Simply as Batman was doing that, though, Baphomet was slicing Silver St. Cloud’s throat. Baphomet was really Onomatopoeia, the bad guy Batman had actually battled in the previous Smith/Flanagan miniseries, “Batman: Cacophony.”

Frustratingly enough, the story has actually never ever been finished, leaving fans questioning for over half a years whether Silver in some way endured her throat being sliced open.

The lesson gained from all this, obviously, is that in some cases secret heroes end up being bad men, often they end up being heroes– and often they end up being robotics. Time will inform which classification Gotham and Gotham Girl fall under!

So there was the list of Gotham city superheroes who betrayed the city.
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