10 Huge Changes MCU Made To It’s Villains Only Hard Core Marvel Know About!

Usually most superhero movies are about two things: how cool or good the superhero is and how evil the super villain is. While it’s impossible to answer or balance this out, there are certain times when the movie changes certain aspects of the bad guy from the original just to make it fit right in the storyline.

Ultron is created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner

In the comics, Ultron is a force of nature while its Cinematic depiction looked atrocious. He has defeated the entire team of Avengers easily and even mighty heroes like Thor and Hulk thought twice before taking them on. He is really deadly and can send a chill down anyone’s spine. However the best part about this movie was Ultron’s voice over by James Spader.
Ultron was originally the creation of Hank Pym who created him by mapping his own brain and in simpler words, he’s an evil Hank Pym. MCU distorted the comic book history and gave more significance to Stark.

Baron Zemo is from Sokovia

Zemo can be considered as the greatest and wittiest enemy of Avengers in MCU. He managed to sow seeds of discord within the team; something which no alien force could do.
But he’s not a war veteran in the comics. There is a Zemo dynasty who passes the mantle from one generation to another and Zemo had strong affiliations with Hydra and Masters of Evil in the comics. Baron Zemo is the 13th Zemo in the family and is the son of a master Nazi scientist and there was a Baron Zemo is World War 2 as well.

Ego is Star-Lord’s father

Marvel did the impossible when they launched the Guardians of the Galaxy which became a fan favourite in no time, even among those who barely knew them before. However in the comics, he’s not the son of Ego but J’Son, who is the king of planet Spartoi and the second son of the Galactic Emperor. The story is almost the same but we saw Ego replacing J’Son in the movies.

The Vulture is a family man

Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture is an aging scientist who steals inventions to get himself longevity. He becomes Vulture just to stay alive and is an arch-nemesis of Spider-Man in the comics. He has even defeated Parker with the help of Sinister Six.
In the movies, however, he becomes Vulture to support his family and coworkers in his company. He’s pissed at Tony Stark who won the government contract through lobbying and this pushes him to become Vulture. Moreover, he’s shown less powerful as Spider-Man is able to take him down alone without any help from Iron Man.

Baron Mordo is not evil

Baron Mordo to Doctor Strange is like Lex Luthor to Superman as he turns out to be his most recurring foe. Mordo believes that magic should be used and taken advantage of if it serves a purpose.
In the movie, he’s a good friend of Strange but has strict beliefs and rules. It is his self discovery in the end about magic being evil that pushes him away from everyone.

Malekith is Sane.

He is known for his cracking laughter and a wicked grim and both of these traits were missing from Thor: The Dark World. He’s shown as the king of the Dark Elves and a master manipulator but the movie just shows him as a character willing to take revenge against Odin for his defeat ages ago. It makes the character relatable but not half as interesting as the comics.

Loki as an Anti-Hero

Loki’s actions lead to the formation of Avengers in both, the comics and movies. He doesn’t become a good guy in the comics but in the movie, he sacrifices his life to save Thor’s. He became an Anti-Hero after Ragnarok but in the comics, he’s far more sinister and has tried to conquer Earth on numerous occasions. But obviously, we didn’t expect The God Of Mischief to give The Space Stone to Thanos easily so that end in the movie was always expected.

Abomination is not a spy

The Incredible Hulk is also a part of MCU and it released in 2008. The movie had Tony Stark in the post credits scene and the villain of the movie is Abomination, which is a more violent and evil version of Hulk. Emil Blonsky was a Marine commando before he became Abomination.

In the comics, he’s a KGB operative working in America as a double agent. The movie obviously ignored his history and rushed into building up his evil character.

Grand Master is the ruler of Sakaar

We all remember Sakaar, don’t we? It’s the planet Hulk landed on after he was trapped in the rocket by Illuminati. Hulk becomes the ruler of Sakaar and eventually returns to Earth, angrier to seek revenge.
However, in the movie we saw Grandmaster ruling Sakaar, the role played by Jeff Goldblum. In the comic books, he’s an elder of the Universe and played a more significant role in the plots. However, in the movie he was just there to provide comic relief and seems to be unaware of the threats in the nine realms.

Hela is Thor’s sister

In the comics, each Ragnarok cycle destroys Asgard and makes way to pave in a newer one. Hela is the daughter of Odin from a previous version of Asgard.
The movie shows the character as the daughter of Odin who was banished when she became too ambitious and wanted to take over all the nine realms. She can be termed as one of the best villains in MCU till now but her character was not at all comic book accurate.

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