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10 Insane Alternate Versions of Batman You Won’t Believe Exist

A List of all Alternate Versions of Batman


The Batman who first appeared in Detective Comics #27 isn’t the exact same Bruce Wayne we’ve seen in very storylines over the years. Sometimes he’s from Earth 1 sometimes he’s from Earth 2. Sometimes he bears resemblance to another character and sometimes he’s completely different entirely. I’m Sazid from Animated Times, and these are 10 Insane Alternate Versions of Batman you won’t Believe exist.

10. Nazi Batman

Nazi style Batman

Straight out of the gates this is the most obscure Batman on this list known as Leatherwing. This Batman this Batman is from Earth 10, a Universe where the Nazis won World War 2 and Adolf Hitler is the Earth’s Furrer. In this world the JLA exists as the JL-Axis, a force established protect Hitler and the Nazi party.

9. Owl Batman

Owl kind of Batman
On Earth 3 or Earth 2 depending on who you ask, the heroes on earth 1 are the villains here. Instead that being a Justice League there is a Crime Syndicate of America. Batman’s Earth 2 or 3 counterpart is Owl man who is actually Brucie’s older brother, Thomas Wayne Jr. Owlman even though being part of the crime syndicate didn’t exactly see eye to eye with his leader Ultraman.

8. 1889 Batman

The 1889 Version Batman

Taking place in 1889, Gotham by Gaslight takes the characters you’ll know and love. Inspector Gordon makes an appearance as does Batman of course! and there’s only one villain Bat could go up against in this era, is Superman.. I’m kidding of course it’s Jack the Ripper. This story pits the world greatest Detective against the world’s most nitrous murderer. Things don’t go entirely to plan as Bruce ends up being pegged for Jack’s various killings. He is forced to solve the case and break out of prison before he’s executed, which of course he does, he’s Batman and confronts himself. A Gotham by Gaslight animated lands this year.

7. Soviet Batman

Soviet Version of Batman
Superman red son is a quintessential mini-series which begs the question of what would happen if Kal-El had landed in the Soviet Union, instead of the state. With the focus shifted from the nuclear arms raise to super people and America will understand worry about this Superman known in universe as Red Son, So they turned to Lex Luthor who inlists Batman. This Batman who is offended by Starlin’s strange son working alongside Luthor, low Wonder Woman into a trap to beat the Red Son.

6. Green Lantern Batman

Green Lantern Version of Batman

In Batman Darkest night, After Bruce Burches his first attempted fighting crime, he received Abben’s ring and merged with the Green Lantern corp. In this single part story, the guardians of the Universe questioned Bruce’s role as a Lantern, he severally beaten by Sinestro for escaping and both Commissioner Gordon and Alfred die. More of a story, Batman doesn’t make a good Green Lantern and it turns out to be an insane alternate version of Batman

5. Vampire Batman

A Vampire Version of Batman

Do you remember that one time Batman became a vampire for Dracula Unkilled pretty much everybody in his own Universe? No… Unfortunately, that’s because it’s not Cannon. In this bizarre story Batman and Dracula, Batman is given his powers by a rogue vampire Tania in order to take down Dracula. Isn’t an interesting alternative version of Batman?

4. Frankenstein Batman

Batman as Frankenstein

Yup, you heard me right, Of course, similar to Vampire Bat, this all takes place in another reality, specifically that’s the Batman castle of the Bats. In this story, Bruce’s parents still Killed as always but he becomes a doctor, to follow in his father’s footsteps, however, he’s enamed by death in reanimation and you know where this is going. After locating his father’s brain, Bruce places the brain in a body a fuses it with Bat DNA.

3. Stan Lee’s Batman

Stan Lee's type of Batman

Stan Lee is ever so lovable face of Marvel Comics. So what is he doing in a DC list? And why he had given an Alternate Version of Batman? Well.. back in 2001, Lee alongside DC procure just imagine series, in which he recreates the most popular DC heroes in his own way. Superman, Wonder Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and of course Batman. An extremely wealthy Afro- America man Wayne Williams, is set up by a gang leader known as Handz and ends up in prison. Where he meets a scientist Fredric Grant who helped him train his mind. Once released he plans to track down Handz, who’s convinced murder his mother.

2. Superman Batman

Fusion of Superman and Batman

In this universe, Kal-El ended up in hands of Thomas & Martha Wayne. He still sees the murder as we know, but instead of breaking down aside his dead parents, he fries the mug with his heat vision. Of course he still becomes Batman, with all the powers of Superman and that violent broken mind of Bruce Wayne, he’s utterly terrifying.

1. Wolverine Batman

Wolverine Version of Batman

Take a love show between Wolverine and Batman, This weird stuff is the real stuff. Logan Wayne, Yes.. really.. so his parents murdered in front of him before he was going to Canada to live with his uncle. This uncle was also eventually murdered. Logan lived with some nuns that ended up in weapon X program all the adamantium stuff took place. When Logan Wayne returned to new Gotham, to fight under the name Dark Claw.

And that’s our list of Alternate Versions of Batman. What are the versions of Batman would you like to see? anyway, head to Animated Times for more comic contents. I’m Sazid and I’ll see you soon…