10 Insane Superpowers of Captain America We Bet You Had No Idea About

Over the course of his many, many adventures, Steve Rogers has displayed wide-ranging abilities. From showing immense valour by being ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, to showing such great leadership spirit that Superman wanted him to lead the joint Avengers/Justice League Squad.

Although he does have a lot of skills, abilities and even superpowers, we are very aware of a lot of them. This list will tell you about some of his lesser known abilities and skill.

1)Fatigue Immunity

The Super Soldier Serum in Captain America’s blood makes sure that his body does that produce fatigue-inducing toxins while doing strenuous work.

2)Healing Factor

Not as great as Deadpool or Wolverine’s, Cap still has a pretty sweet healing factor. He can recover from serious injuries like a broken spine or neck within days.

3)Intoxication Resistant

The Cap’s metabolism is so high that he literally cannot get drunk. This also means that drugs and chemicals don’t screw with his thinking making him a very difficult interrogation subject. Now that is a handy power!

4)Worthy Of Mjolnir

In the comics, Steve Rogers has lifted Mjolnir twice. Once when no one was looking and the second time, against the Serpent during the Fear Itself storyline.

5)Hypnosis Resistance

Having the ability to being super focused, Cap’s brain is resistant to brainwashing and hypnosis. He can break through even the strongest mental barrier simply through sheer will and mental strength.

6)Master Strategist and Super Intelligent

Captain America is not just a super strong man, he is super smart too. H has a photogenic memory. He is known universally(and even outside!) for being a master battle strategist.

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