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10 Marvel Characters Who Dislike Spider-Man (And Why)

Spider-Man is one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel universe but he is certainly not one of the most liked guys in the multiverse. As hard as Peter tries, he ends up becoming the subject of anger in a villain or former friend.

Many of these rivalries have gone on to last for years while others didn’t make it that long. But for some reason, these characters cannot let go of the hatred they have for Spider-Man.

10. When Venom Felt Betrayed

Venom in the Marvel multiverse

Venom was a symbiote that exaggerated the most extreme traits of its host. For Spider-Man, it was too clingy which led him to cast it out. Feeling angry and rejected, the symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock who also happened to hate Peter, and together they created Venom.

Throughout the ’90s, Venom continued his hatred towards Spider-Man but this mellowed out with time. Currently, Venom is an ally of Spider-Man who even works alongside Avengers.

9. Iron Man doesn’t like Spider-Man a lot

Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

While Iron Man loves a part of Peter, he continues to dislike the other. During 2015’s The Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man had no idea who Spider-Man was, thanks to a continuity error that undid the events of the Civil War. Due to this, the two butted against each other while being allies when in costume.

Tony thinks of Peter – the head of Parker Industries – as a wannabe whom he just wants to buy out.

8. His righteousness is something Punisher can’t stand

The Punisher

Punisher started as a vigilante that Spider-Man needs to stop. But Frank Castle went on to become a beloved Marvel anti-hero, but this does not mean the animosity between the two faded. While Punisher would never kill Spider-Man, he barely has any respect for him.

The series titled Punisher’s Marvel Knights made this clear when Frank scolded Peter for acting like an inexperienced teenager whose misled idealism stops him from killing criminals. Despite all this, Punisher still has a soft corner for Spider-Man.


7. Kingpin does not want him in his way

The Kingpin in Marvel Comics

Before Kingpin made Daredevil’s life hell, he was a major threat to Spider-Man. There have been many occasions when Spidey has spoilt Kingpin’s plans which have led him to go after the former’s friends or family.

Right now, Fisk enjoys his authority as the Mayor of New York where he dominantly uses his powers to come in Spider-Man’s way.

6. Mysterio was also humiliated by Spider-Man

Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Mysterio was taken as a joke both in-universe and reality before being revitalized in Far From Home which led the original Quentin Beck to turn mad as he never seems to have a break due to Spider-Man.

While Mysterio has been humiliated twice by Spider-Man, the former has only been physically present in one instance. When Mysterio was once dying, he decided to blaze out in full glory. However, he could never get out the right Spider-Man to pay attention to himself. The second instance was when Mysterio relocated himself to the Ultimate Universe, only to be defeated by Miles Morales and Peter Parker.

5. Spider-Man is targetted by Chameleon to avenge the death of Kraven the Hunter

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Kraven the Hunter in Marvel Comics

At the beginning of his criminal career, Chameleon was just a conman and thief. After getting defeated by Spider-Man, Chameleon set Kraven after his life. However, Kraven ended up getting obsessed with Spidey and ended up committing suicide.

This drove Chameleon insane and he came after Spider-Man’s life. Chameleon has repeatedly tried to avenge the death of Kraven, as far as knowing the real name of Spider-Man and destroying his personal life.

4. Doctor Ock hates what Spider-Man represents

Doctor Octopus in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy

Spider-Man and Doctor Ock have a lot in common which drives the latter mad. Both are intellectual but if Spider-Man helps the weak, Ock believes in subjugating them and likes being seen as their better.

In Superior Spider-Man, Doctor Ock possessed Spidey to prove how better he was from him. This backfired when Ock realized that this didn’t make him a better hero or a person.


3. Harry Osborn blames Spider-Man for all that’s gone wrong in his life

Harry Osborne in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Harry Osborn is a tragic character in the Spider-Man series. He started as Peter’s friend but the two fell apart after Gwen’s death when Harry came to know that Green Goblin and Spider-Man were his father and friend respectively. Harry blames Spidey for the death of his father and swears to avenge his death.

2. Norman Osborn doesn’t like Spider-Man

Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man

Green Goblin is the wickedest foes that Spider-Man has faced, not because of his powers but his mind. Osborn knew Peter’s true identity which led him to target his close friends.

The evilest thing that Green Goblin did was to cripple Flash Thompson and kill Gwen Stacy. Green Goblin simply doesn’t like Spider-Man for his audacity to stand for what’s right.

1.  J. Jonah Jameson hates Spider-Man

J Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man (2002)

The ex-Daily Bugle boss has done enough to hamper the reputation of Spider-Man over the years. Jameson hates all masked heroes and Spider-Man tops the list.

During one instance, Jameson tries to frame Spider-Man in a compromising situation which led to the creation of supervillains like Scorpion and Spider-Slayers.

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