10 Memorable Movie Moments That Secretly Made The Entire Theater Gasp

The best way to enjoy a movie is to experience the thrill in the theaters. The theater movie experience is something you just can’t gain if you watch the same movie at home. The drama, the suspense, and the gasps and applauses, it comes in a theatrical experience. These are some of most gasped theater moments in history of cinema.

Katniss Everdeen Pays Her Respects To Rue With The 3 Finger Salute

The Hunger Games is one of those franchises that did not age well. The first movie turned out to be too good. In fact it was so good it was impossible to top for the sequels. One of the many scenes where the movie outshone the rest is when Rue dies. Katniss makes a memorial as a show of respect for Rue. In the end, she looks at the camera and gives the signature 3 finger salute. this one action sparks a revolution that threatens the very Capitol of Panem.

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When Erik Killmonger Says He wants To Die Like His Ancestors

One of the most relatable and well-crafted super-villains of the MCU, Erik Killmonger has had terrific character development. He has a very tragic back story and his intentions to take over Wakanda are genuine. Despite his methods, Erik Killmonger did mean well. When he is finally about to die, he asks T’Challa to bury his corpse in the ocean. He wants to die like his ancestors, who jumped from slaver ships because “death was better than bondage”. Bravo!! What a line.

D-Day Veteran Looks For His Missing Arm In Saving Private Ryan

We are just going to leave this here. The D-Day campaign was one of the bloodiest battles in human history. Blood had replaced the water in the beaches of Normandy. One of the most iconic scenes that sent chills down our spine was when an Allied soldier was looking for something amidst all the gun fir. he turns around and we see he is missing an arm, only to bend down and pick something up. It was his missing arm he was looking for all along.

Mysterio’s Illusion Scene Where Tony Stark’s Tombstone Blames Peter For His Death

Peter Parker lost a great deal when he lost his mentor in the form of Tony Stark. And Mysterio knew to push all the right buttons to push him off track. Using his illusions, Mysterio showed an image of Tony Stark’s tombstone and the inscriptions on it blamed Peter for Tony’s death. That was way too personal and even the audience knew it.

When Trinity Leaves The Matrix Right Before Being Hit By a Truck

The Matrix still remains the gold standard of action and sci-fi. This is one of the many scenes that proves why. Trinity is on the run, being pursued by Agents of the Matrix. She needs to get into a phone booth to establish a connection with the operator. She dies in the Matrix, she dies in the real world too. Just when she makes the call, a truck hits the phone booth, smashing it to pieces. The viewers still haven’t figured out what’s going on. Only later do we realize Trinity survived. Even when we think about it, the adrenaline spike our body gets is enough to make us want to watch The Matrix movies again.

When Captain America Takes a Breather (& The Audience Thinks He Will Be Dusted But Doesn’t) In Infinity War

The end of Infinity war was such a humongous cliff-hangar. Since Thor did not go for Thanos’ head like he should have, things ended up a little too bad for the Earth’s Mightiest heroes. One after the other, many of the Avengers started turning into dust. There was one moment during the post snap scene where Captain America sits down, trying to catch his breath. The audience believes Cap is a goner. Later they realize even the Infinity Stone is not powerful enough to defeat cap’s fighting spirit. The entire theater breathes a sigh of relief.

The Secret Stairway Discovery In Parasite

There have been people who have gone to watch Parasite for more than a dozen times. The movie is just that good. One of the many startling discoveries made by the protagonists is the secret stairway leading to a hidden bunker beneath the mansion. And boy are the people horrified to know a person had been living there all along. The audience was not just surprised, they were horrified with the very disgusting notion of the discovery.

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It Was Snape All Along

Alan Rickman was hated for his portrayal of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies. He was a traitor, siding with Voldemort and helping him kill Dumbledore. In The Deathly Hallows, we realize why Snape was such a pain in the butt. Turns out, he was not. He was the spy Dumbledore has placed inside Voldemort’s inner circle. He was a traitor but to Voldemort and the Death Eaters. In the end, when Harry rushes to hold Snape and catch his tears in a vial, Snape says “You have your mother’s eyes.” The entire theater broke into utter silence and we heard people silently crying.

The Entire Runtime Of A Quiet Place

If you were ever lucky enough to catch A Quiet Place in the theaters, consider yourself a very lucky person. The very premise of the movie was innovative and unique. The movie has minimal dialogues. And it is because of the back story. The world has been overrun by a horde of monsters that hunt the last of the remaining humans via sound. In the world of A Quiet Place, you are not allowed to talk. You open your mouth you die a horrible death.

Paul Walker Takes a Different Route In Fast & Furious 7

Last but not the least, this is where men, women, and children cried. Paul walker was a light extinguished too soon. The heart and soul of the Fast & Furious franchise bid a tear-jerking goodbye to the world in the end of Fats & Furious 7. Dom and Brian had a final race. And this time, it did not matter who won. The scene where O’Conner’s car parts away while the song “See You Again” plays in the background is freaking perfect. It immortalized Walker’s character and we all bid farewell to him.

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