10 Mind-Boggling Facts about Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg began as one of the most sorts after members of the Teen Titans and DC Comics noticed this about the character. Thus, he deserved the promotion to Justice League in the New 52. Cyborg manages to maintain a home in both the DC Rebirth plot and the currently shared movie universe of DC too. Fans of his Teen Titans version still get to see him in the recent movie adaption of Teen Titans Go!

How many of his fans know the hero’s history and some intensive details about him? Cyborg was first seen in 1980 in the pages of DC Comics Presents #26 and ended up as a core member of Teen Titans later on. This team arguably has the most legendary and iconic set of teen superheroes.

The original story begins as Cyborg being a son of scientist parents, a shy boy who never wanted to be into gangs. An incident at his parent’s lab got him injured seriously and his father rebuilt him to Cyborg, the superhero.

The New 52 story hero has a father who neglects him and Vic is a high-school football star. Here, he’s caught in an explosion by a Father Box and even this time around, his father saves him by turning him into Cyborg.

The hero has a lot of powers and intensive details that have interested fans all over. Let’s decode some of them.

Throwing a meatball party is his thing

He’s had a tough life in both Teen Titans and New 52 and never misses a chance to have some good fun. Cyborg can be the life of a party and made sure everyone has fun. He can be the ultimate boom-box for some good music and also has an oven in his body that keeps yummy meatballs warm.

Cannot be invincible to mind control

The hero’s superhero IQ level is 170 and is a computer himself. This doesn’t stop him from having a vulnerable mind in spite of all the data that enters his brain. The hero can control machines at his wish but, not his mind when needed.  A brief episode of telepathy can turn him against his friends and that was shown in the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #5.

Vulnerable to Magic

The man has his set of superpowers and has expertise in weapons and technology. This doesn’t seal him from being vulnerable to magic. In the Justice League Vol.3 #33, he was found at the mercy of Jinx while battling the Fearsome Five. This gives us an understanding of him being weak towards magic as Jinx turned his body into liquid metal. Thankfully, he has abilities to help him get out of these attacks time to time.

His unimaginable level of intellect

In The New 52, Victor Stone is someone who’s had a troubled relationship with his father and is also a football star. Not to forget that this high school student has a heightened level of intellect and enhances it every now and then with computer technology. The cybernetic technology has made him a brainier person and these fans of Teen Titans Go! have been in awe of it.

He can syphon other powers

Cyborg has been a loyal member of the Teen Titans until his insertion into the reboot version of the Justice League team.  In Cyborg #6, Vic is said to show the traces of having a power absorbing ability. Heroes and villains who were in the vicinity were vulnerable of having their powers absorbed by him. This also showed that he could have too much power at his disposal.

He is able of Powerpoint Presentations

While being one of the coolest superheroes at a time, Cyborg is capable of giving the most boring powerpoint presentations in the history of comic books. His cybernetic left eye can be used as a scanner as he could find out what is stored on computer screens. In Teen Titans Go! he has been able to project this as a video projector too at a party.

Able to control any machine

Cyborg is capable of controlling any machine through the computer systems in his own body. As seen in the Justice League movie, he is seen quickly hacking into Batman’s vehicles and taking control over it from Alfred to further advance in the battle.

Able to draw energy from Multiverse

In Justice League Vol 2. #33, he shows that he a channel for the complete multiverse. This happened when Cyborg merged totally with the Motherbox in order to save the world along with the Justice League. This is said to have its own negative effects as he draws power to his body using Element X to make his tech the most dependable.

Always updates and upgrades himself

His body parts have the ability to repair themselves and this means, Cyborg is mostly being the best of himself. In Justice League Vol. 2 #41, it is seen that he needs no outside help and it’s an easy thing to be updated.

Helpful in others flying

Cyborg’s flying skills are with the help of the jump jets which lets him leap long distances and he flies with the rocket boosters. This in turn, lets him help others in flying. He extends a leap of force field around him and anyone in the vicinity of it can use the help. As in, people who don’t have the skill to fly can float around him when this force field is activated.

These are some of the many details Cyborg, the super cool hero possess. We now know there is a huge reason for the superhero to be touted as cool and popular.

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