10 Moments How Scarlet Witch Overexaggerated her Power

Scarlet Witch suffers from a significant problem. Her magnifying powers have a close link to her mental state. The role played by Scarlet Witch depicts both the good and evil sides.

Scarlet Witch is known to create troubles in Marvel 616 due to her troubled mental state. Let us look below at ten such instances wherein she has gone way too far due to her mental state :

1. Joining the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Gang

Scarlet Witch joins the Evil Mutants
A still from Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Gang

Wanda joined hands with the Evil Mutants since Magneto saved her life from an angry mob. However, she has the desire to do what is right, and hence repents her past actions. To do good, she decides to start working with the Avengers.

2. Army of Zombies

Wanda gets back the zombies
Scarlet Witch Magic Powers

Wanda feels guilty for her past deeds and decides to do good things. For this purpose, she decides to bring back to life the mutants who died in the Genosha massacre. On using her magic, she falls and, upon waking up, finds herself to be surrounded by zombies. With the help of Doctor Strange, she finally manages to fix the problem created.

3. Killing her Friend

Agatha helped Wanda at every step
Wanda and Agatha’s Friendship

Wanda and Agatha Harkness are known to be friends. Agatha Harkness uses her powers to alter Wanda’s memories whenever she feels low. However, on learning this truth, Wanda gets agitated and kills Agatha in a state of anger.

4. Inappropriate Relation with her Brother

Wanda shares inappropriate relation with her brother
A still of the brother and sister

Wanda and his twin brother seem to share a very close and intimate relationship. In The Ultimates, the relationship between both gets highlighted and is not pleasant to view.

5. Magic Resulting in Danger

Wanda's magic comes with a warning
Chthon grants magical power to Wanda

Wanda possesses magical powers since childhood. However, with power comes responsibility. Yet, she has powers that come with a warning as well. But Wanda continues to use the powers ignoring the warnings given.

6. Marriage to Doctor Doom

Wanda marries Doctor Doom
A glimpse of Doctor Doom and Wanda

Wiccan suspects that, in some way, he is Wanda’s resurrected son. For this purpose, he begins searching for Wanda. However, upon finding he gets to know that she is about to marry Doctor Doom.

7. Destroying the Avengers

Wanda destroys the Avengers
The Magical Villian Wanda

Wanda forgets who her friends, teammates, and allies are and begin to kill everyone in the fire of anger. She decides to destroy the Avengers with the help of her magical powers. She brutally attacks Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Vision, and Tony.

8. Kills her Family

Wanda tries to kill her family
Fights with Doctor Doom since he manipulated her

On learning that Doctor Doom had manipulated her and used her for her powers, Wanda decides to kill him. Additionally, she used her magical powers to destroy her relatives as well.

9. Becoming a Forced Mother

Wanda forces vision and becomes a mother
A glimpse of Vision and Wanda

It looked like Vision could never become a father. However, Wanda was still able to conceive without Vision’s approval. She used her powers to get pregnant; yet, little does she know that she created problems.

10. Destruction of the Mutants

Wanda destroys the Mutants
A still from House of M

An iconic scene from House of M includes how Wanda instantly destroyed the Mutants. She uttered three simple words, and the mutants vanished. However, in the new history, mutants were considered more powerful than humans. Wanda could not digest this fact and hence turned against him.

Let us know through the below comments which scene from above did you find to be most dreadful and beyond limits.

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