Spider-Man has some of the best villains in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. And often times, these villains go above and beyond to prove just how sinister they could become.

Morlun Eats Peter Parker’s Eye

Morlun knocks at Spider-Man’s doorsteps when Parker is at his weakest. A radiation based ailment has weakened him. Peter is dying. all the top minds of the Marvel Comic Book Universe – Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, T’Challa and Doctor strange cannot find a cure. Morlun attacks Spider-Man during this time and beats him to a pulp. Spider-Man then mounts a final assault, launching a flurry of punches and kicks that seemingly take down Morlun. When Peter thinks he won the fight, Morlun grabs his eyeball, rips it from Spider-Man’s skull, and eats it as Peter Parker watches in unfathomable pain.

Green Goblin Breaks Spider-Man

The Green Goblin is in many ways, Spider-Man’s anti-thesis. Both are geniuses. Both started out with nothing. While Osborn built an empire with his intelligence, Peter stuck to being the good guy. Nevertheless, the green Goblin still believes Spider-Man is a worthy heir to his mantle. After kidnapping him, the Goblin tortures Spider-Man physically and mentally. Parker breaks out of captivity and beats the crap out of goblin. But Osborn knows despite Spider-Man being stronger and smarter than him, he has succeeded in breaking him. Green goblin just gets up, dusts himself up, and leaves as we see a broken Spider-Man lying on the floor, weeping his heart out.

Doctor Octopus Takes Over Peter Parker’s Body

Ever heard of superior Spider-Man? Doctor Octopus, in an act of utter desperation, switches bodies with Peter Parker. Parker’s mind ends up occupying the frail dying body of Otto Octavius while Doc Ock becomes Spider-Man. he then proves to the world why he could do a better job as the Web-Slinger. What’s really heart-wrenching is that Peter Parker slowly dies as Doc Ock’s original body gives away due to years of abuse.

Carnage Invades His Therapist’s Brain

Cletus Kasady aka carnage is held captive in Ravencroft Sanitarium. Doctor Kafka is unable to find a method to cure Kasady of his superhuman insanity. So he calls in Matthew Kurtz from the Pentagon to do the trick. Kurtz pumps an insane amount of psychotropic drugs into Kasady’s body, and uses a Sonic Gun to keep the symbiote in check. Kurtz realizes Kasady’s insanity runs deeper than you could ever imagine. Carnage actually thinks himself an artist who specializes in ultra-violence. The psychotropic drugs wear off sooner than anticipated and Carnage strikes back at Kurtz. He penetrates Krutz’s mind with a tendril and shows him his nightmarish perceptions of the world. Kurtz does not die of brain injury. He dies of shock. The very visions inside Kasady’s brain kill him.

Green Goblin Destroys Flash Thompson’s Life

The Green Goblin is a very twisted Marvel super-Villain. He is the closest Marvel has ever come to DC Universe’s Joker. The Goblin loves to torment Peter Parker. He does not do it for fun. He thinks it is his true purpose in life to make Spider-Man feel pain. In Amazing Spider-Man #45, he gets real creative. He forces recovering alcoholic Flash Thompson to drink bottles of whiskey. Then he puts Flash behind the steering wheel of a truck. The truck rams straight into the public school Parker is working as a teacher in. The accident left Flash Thompson with permanent brain damage. The Green Goblin did all this just to drive a single point across – he will always be there to put the fear of God in Spider-Man.

Kingpin Kills Aunt May

During the events of Civil War, Iron Man convinces Peter Parker to reveal his identity to the world. The backlash from that act is absolutely devastating for Parker’s life. Many Spider-Man villains are now after Parker’s head. They are willing to kill everyone close to Peter to drive their point. The Kingpin gets the jump on Peter Parker when he posts Snipers on a rooftop to kill Mary jane, Aunt May, and Peter Parker. Parker saves Mary Jane but aunt May is not that lucky. The gunshot wound leaves her in critical condition. This pushes Spider-Man over the edge. The generally pacifistic superhero beats Kingpin to a pulp during a prison riot in retaliation.

Hobgoblin Frames And Kills Ned Leeds

Ned Leeds was once Peter parker’s staunchest ally. After Parker was devastated from his break up with Betty Brant, Ned Leeds came forward to help him stand back up. So when it was revealed that Ned Leeds was the Hobgoblin, Peter parker felt betrayed. The real story was revealed a while later. In Amazing Spider-Man #287, Roderick Kingsley reveals he is the real Hobgoblin. using his immense wealth and resources, he had brainwashed Leeds into thinking he is the villain. He was the one who framed Peter Parker’s best friends for crimes he never even committed. Parker, all this time, believed his best friend had betrayed him.

Mac Gargan Eats Gods

Mac Gargan is more infamously known as Scorpion. But during the dark reign and Siege saga, he assumed another mantle. The Venom symbiote boned with Gargan. The result was a monstrosity. Gargan had violent tendencies and the symbiote only amplified that. while on a mission to retrieve Doctor Doom from the clutches of Morgana Le fay, Gargan falls to her magic. She makes Gargan eat Ares, the Greek God of War, alive. After the mission ends, Gargan develops a taste for divine blood and flesh. When Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers invade New Asgard, Gargan just roams around the city killing and eating Asgardians.

Kraven Buries Spider-Man Alive

In Kraven’s Last hunt, a comic book arc that is considered one of the greatest Spider-Man stories, Kraven goes after Spider-Man’s head. Kraven realizes that he is dying so instead of going down quietly, he chooses to go down in a blaze of glory. He kidnaps Spider-Man and pumps his body full of lethal amounts of tranquilizers. After burying him in a grave, Kraven assumes his identity and does all sorts of crime to tarnish Peter Parker’s image. Parker manages to dig his way out because his healing factor has made him somewhat immune to tranquilizing agents.

Norman Osborn Sexually Assaults Gwen Stacy

The most despicable act of the Green Goblin was when he kidnapped Gwen Stacy. In Amazing Spider-Man 3514, Osborn seduces Stacy and impregnates her. Stacy is led to believe she was pretty into it. It is on latter issues that we realize Stacy was drugged and raped. She gives birth to twins. Due to the Goblin formula in their genes, they age rapidly into adulthood. Norman makes them believe that Peter Parker is their father and he was the one who killed their mother. All this while, Peter Parker is led to believe that Gwen Stacy, the love of his life, cheated on him.

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