10 Most Powerful ‘Eternals’ Who Can Crush Thanos

The Eternals, as the name very well suggests, are a genetic offshoot of Humanity created by the Celestials after they discovered that the human gene had some latent superhuman traits. They are really powerful and apart from sheer strength, durability and other superhuman abilities, they tend to develop other peculiar abilities that make them stand out of the line. Today, we will tell you about 10 such Powerful Titans who can make Thanos look like a puny God.

  1. Hyperion 

He was Marvel’s attempt at copying Superman of the DC universe. Hyperion is among the last Eternals alive and he possesses a set of skills and power which is very similar to the Man Of Steel. He has a vast amount of cosmic energy which gives him abilities like superhuman agility, healing, nuclear vision, flight and even immortality.

  1. Interloper

He’s very powerful and possesses last psionic energy manipulation abilities. Along with this, he wears a cloak of fear. This cloak can be used to incite great fear within the minds of his enemies or opponents. He also possesses illusion based powers.

  1. Ikaris

He possesses an ability which no one in the universe possess. He can fly incredibly fast and can create any form of energy out of cosmic energy cell enclaved inside his body, which he developed through years of discipline.

  1. King Hyperion 

This king is a more dangerous, genocidal and maniacal version of Hyperion. He wishes to conquer the multiverse with his own version of Justice League, called the Squandron Supreme.

  1. Klyn’bn

Meet the God of the Skrull race. He used to be a normal Skrull who was blasted with cosmic energy and became the guardian of Skrulls. His most powers are still not disclosed but he is definitely one of the deadliest beings in the universe.

  1. Kronos

Being the living embodiment of Time in the Marvel Universe, he has total control over the time stream. Kronos could become an abstract cosmic entity and this alone, speaks volumes about his abilities. He can even manipulate space, time and souls of sentinent beings.

  1. Makkari 

This character, rhyming with mercury, Makkari is the Roman God of Speed. He focusses all his on his cosmic energies to fuel his speed. Though he doesn’t possess all the qualities of an Eternal, he still is the fastest speedster of the Marvel Universe.

  1. Thane 

He’s the son of Thanos and an unnamed Eternal by blood. He managed to hide himself on Earth until Thanos comes to Earth looking for him. Thanos was on a mission to find his son and even destroyed worlds and asked its inhabitants to give their children aged between 16-22 years, which was his son’s age.

Doctor Strange, who was the member of Illuminati, found Thane in Greenland but before he could save him, Ebony Maw who was a member of the Black Order used his powers to make Strange forget about Thane. After Blackbolt blew Terrigen bomb, it unleashed the powers of every inhabitant with inhuman DNA. Thane got his powers and he destroyed the whole town. He trapped Thanos inside the amber, also known as the state of ‘living death’, thereby defeating him. He is the only who has beaten Thanos in a hand to hand combat.

  1. Moondragon 

She’s the daughter of Drax, the destroyer and one of the greatest telekinetic and energy manipulators among the Eternals ever. She also controlled the mind gem once and can be termed as a cold and calculative anti-hero. She was adopted by Thanos’ father who taught her how to unlock her potential to gain physical and mental powers. The ‘Dragon of the Moon’ filled her with pride and she became Moondragon.

  1. Thena 

She was once asked by Goddess Athena to take over her place and help the masses during the times she herself wasn’t able to do so. She not only enjoy enhanced Eternal abilities and attributes, she also has an incredible knowledge of war strategies, weapons and battlefield expertise, something she has gained over 4000 years.

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