10 Most Realistic Fan Theories About Action Movies

Fan theories are part of every fandom. Whether books, TV shows, movies – nothing is exempt from fan theories. Some are completely outrageous, while others are so good, we wish they were true.

When it comes to action movies and action movie characters, the same thing applies. Some theories seem completely unrealistic, but others sound pretty good. But whether they work or not, they are almost always pretty dun.

Almost every action movie and its character has some kind of fan theory attached to it. And some sound so real, that we can easily imagine them to be completely canon. The more believable the action of the movie, the more believable the theories. And here are 10 of the most realistic fan theories from action movies:

  1. Mad Max is One of The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

Many fans believe that Max is one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. He hasn’t changed a day since the first time we met this character, and is someone doomed to wander the Earth. Although in his reality, the apocalypse that he is supposed to bring has probably already happened. Whether or not he is aware of it, is a different matter.

  1. John Mason From The Rock Was Once 007

Sean Connery has played the character of both James Bond in the franchise, as well as the British SAS Captain John Mason in The Rock. So for fans it is quite easy to believe that after serving as 007 in the IMF in his youth, he went and joined the SAS. It also corroborates with another theory that says James Bond is not a name, but a code name which has been passed on to different agents over time.

  1. Point Break’s Johnny Utah is John Wick

This fan theory states that after the events of Point Break, Johnny Utah could no longer live by the law and turned to the world of underworld and crime. He took up a new name – John Wick, and that’s where they merge these two universes together. And they do have similar combat and weapons training, drive similar cars, and date women who look quite alike. And Keanu Reeves just pulls both characters like his own, so!

  1. Aaron Cross Later Becomes Hawkeye

Aaron Cross from The Bourne Legacy which is played by Jeremy Renner is the origin story for none other than Marvel superhero – Hawkeye. Treadstone’s super soldier serum from The Bourne movies led to Aaron getting his ‘powers’. And though before he was dependent on the pills from Treadstone – upon escaping and consequently joining SHIELD, his ‘powers’ were made permanent.

  1. Jason Statham Plays Frank Martin In All His Action Movies

Fans believe that Jason Statham’s character of Frank Martin from the Transporter franchise is the only character the actor plays in all his action movies. He just uses different aliases for the different movies. For example, Martin takes the alias of Lee Christmas in The Expendables franchise. After all, he does end up playing a mercenary in most of his action movies.

  1. Martin Riggs From Lethal Weapons is Dusty’s Dad in Daddy’s Home 2

Mel Gibson plays the role of Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapons. He also plays Dusty’s dad – Kurt Mayron, in the Mark Wahlberg movie – Daddy’s Home 2. One of the similarities between the characters is their behaviours and attitude. Also the fact that Rigg’s wife dies after the events of Lethal Weapons and no one ever talks about Dusty’s mother in Daddy’s Home 2.

  1. Nyah and Jane Carter Are The Same People in Mission Impossible Franchise

Nyah, played by Thandie Newton was seen as Ethan Hunt’s love interest and a kickass woman all around in Mission Impossible II. Then she dropped off the face of earth without any explanation. So what if she was an IMF agent who was sent to help capture the villain for the second movie. And then after she was done she left? And maybe, she came back as Jane Carter in Ghost Protocol, to again help Ethan get the villain? Quite plausible!

  1. The President in Air Force One is The Real Villain

This fan theory is a little far fetched, but bear with us (or whoever thought of it)! The President, played by Harrison Ford is the one who orchestrated the whole plane hijack. Or well, he hired the Russian thugs to stage it. None of his family members were harmed, and only the people he didn’t really like much ended by dying in the movie. So… possible?

  1. Theron in 300 is The Boy From The Opening Sequence

This actually seems quite likely to be true. Theron, who is played by Dominic West, is really the young boy Leonidas – played by Gerard Butler, was beating up at the very beginning of 300. I mean, why else will Theron turn on his own people and act like a complete asshole for no reason? He probably didn’t like the brutality of his own society after what he faced in his younger days.

  1. Lee and Carter Die At The End of Rush Hour 3

Lee and Carter probably died at the end of Rush Hour 3. As they are parachuting from Eiffel Tower, Triads are shooting at them, and maybe some of those bullets disable their parachute and they fall to the ground from that high up. Not a good possibility for them to be alive. Although a little far fetched, it can be taken into consideration.

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