2020 was an unexpected year for everyone due to obvious reasons. The movie industry also bore the brunt of the pandemic. Due to this, not many breathtaking movies could mark their presence in 2020. However, there were some releases that are worth mentioning and should not be missed.

Amazing movies of 2020
Amazing movies of 2020

Here is the list of 10 Movies of 2020 that surprisingly turned out to be amazing. 

 Despite being low on the cinematic radar, these movies deserve your attention due to their phenomenal script and performance. Let’s get started

10- Becky

Becky movie of 2020
Becky movie scene

Becky is one of the great movies of 2020. This action thriller movie plot follows the bloody game between a 13-year-old girl and prisoner Dominick, a Neo-Nazi, with his ex-cons’ ally. Apart from being one of the excellent thriller movies; the foremost reason for Becky’s box office failure is Kevin James’s anticipation as the dangerous slayer was just too ridiculous to take calmly.

In ways that you would never expect from the man who brought us decidedly fire-classics like Paul Blart; In Contrast, James proves himself far more versatile an artist than one could ever have anticipated. Furthermore, if you can admit some plot cliches, then this movie has some horrifying, unsettled wares with sharp cinematography and crackling music scores to boot.

9- The Outpost

The Military Based movie The Outpost
The outpost movie poster

A glance at The Outpost movie of 2020 can quickly predict that this is just one of the many forgettable military action movies. Whereas the movie amplifies 300 Taliban soldiers attacking Afghanistan’s Battle of Kamdesh in 2009 at an American Army outpost. The entire ensemble is tremendous here, particularly Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones, and Orlando Bloom. In contrast, Lurie’s coverage of the battle itself is very trendy while not losing sight of its unafraid brutality.

8- Spree

Dark comedy 2020 movie Spree
Dark comedy 2020 movie Spree

As the craze of being a social media influencer is continuously increasing; this movie Spree does justice with the pessimistic side. As Eugene Kotlyarenko’s directed movie of 2020, starring Joe Keery as Kurt Kunkle, is a refreshment in the black comedy genre. The movie plot is about a boy whose desperation for becoming a viral sensation led him into murderous situations.

Undoubtedly, Spree is a rare film that succeeds at being “down with the kids,” whereas creating knotted fun is a pleasure to watch. 

7- Love and Monsters

Love and monster scene
Love and monster scene

 Love and Monster is a sci-fi movie of 2020 that does not adapt from existing material. The film unfolds the story of a boy Joel Dawson (Dylan O’Brien); desperately attempting to navigate the post-apocalyptic, monster-populated surface of the earth to reunite with his estranged girlfriend, Aimee (Jessica Henwick). A powerful star cast acting, and witty dialogue made this movie placed in impressive movie lists. Though it’s challenging to calculate the film’s success due to direct-to-VOD releases, this movie guarantees your entertainment.

6- Spontaneous

Spontaneous movie of 2020
Spontaneous movie of 2020

Spontaneous being one of the best-reviewed films of 2020, which was released by Paramount. Filmed in early 2018 and left to rot on a studio shelf for almost three years; Spontaneous has finally released this past October deal with the high-schoolers Mara (Katherine Langford) and Dylan (Charlie Plummer). They get caught in the middle of a mysterious series of events where their fellow students begin randomly exploding like blood-filled balloons.

Spontaneous is a character driven film released in the middle of the pandemic that interprets the film as an unintentional metaphor for current events. This movie dealt with the remarkable chemistry between Langford and Plummer, ensuring they’re an impossibly easy-to-root-for couple.

5- Vampire vs. The Bronx

Vampire and the Bronx scene
Vampire and the Bronx scene

The 2020 Netflix released movie is a hell of a lot of fun, but it’s a wilfully absurd horror-comedy that can expand your horizons. Osmany Rodriguez directed film focuses on a trio of teenagers living in The Bronx; who find themselves fighting to save their neighborhood when a clan of vampires moves in. This movie is modest and sweet but has a healthy dose of both smarts and heart, which can keep your smile in check.

4- Mortal


Mortal is a Hollywood superhero movie that should be watched with a little prior plot knowledge. Nat Wolff’s starred film has a plot where a young man Eric discovers his God-like powers. Undoubtedly, André Øvredal’s directed cinema can be a refreshment in this Hollywood superhero flick as it focuses more on its characters than the massive amount of CGI. But if you are a huge fan of Marvel movies and not interested in variations, then this movie is not for you.

3- The Platform

The platform movie scene
The Platform movie scene

After releasing the Oscar-winning movie Parasite, it becomes a trend to specify the class differences in innovative ways, and The Platform is one such movie of 2020. Netflix released a Spanish movie’s intricate plot, which can probably result in a funny mess. Still, the director needs a round of applause to tackle the complicated story with hardcore acting.

Additionally, movie plots sustain a building with discrete platforms with different people imprisoned; they get food on a platform that rests for little time at every floor, and jailed people have to fight for that food. With just 94 minutes of running plot, this movie creates a fantasy world in the spectator’s mind.

2- Greenland

Greenland movie scene
Greenland movie scene

Greenland is a 2020 disaster movie of Gerard Butler have no such expectation then unintentional comedy and braindead action. Yet it turns out to be an apocalyptic thriller in which Butler, as a protagonist, attempts to ensure his family’s safety from the Impact of the comet on the earth’s surface. Even critics like the idea. In contrast, the undeniable melodrama and visual effects can be a case of dropsy. Additionally, the strong performances of actors like Butler, Morena Baccarin, and Scott Glenn termed this movie fantastic.

1 – The Vast of Night


The Vast of Night released on Amazon Prime last summer, is one of the fantastic movies of 2020. Despite being a great example of Science fiction; this film received near common critical acclaim and quite limited recognition even in the film enthusiast circle. The Debut movie of director Andrew Patterson, starring Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz, is an incredible example of  Sci-fi movies. The movie’s decisive factor is a well-minted VFX  usage with a handful of actors and some slickly dynamic camerawork. Further, the film story unfolds in the 1950s, where two youngsters Fay Crocker and Everett Sloan, encounter a mysterious radio signal which might be of alien origin. Additionally, the movie on a limited budget offers you an incredible Sci-fi experience; with an unconventional spin on typical alien invasion tropes that satisfy open-minded viewers.

Here we go with the list of incredible movies of 2020, which can be mind refreshing at times.  

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