10 Movies You Loved As A Kid But Now Find Absolutely Cringeworthy

Nostalgia is not always a good thing. Sometimes, it makes us puke at our poor life choices. Just like the movies we used to watch.


Small guinea pigs that are actually well-trained super spies!! Now that’s a plot made for kids to fall in love with. Thankfully we are no longer a part of that illusion. G-Force now fells like cringe. Period.

The Last Airbender

Believe it or not, there are people in reddit who have pleaded guilty to a terrible crime. They believed The Last Airbender was a good movie. Being kids does not justify your terrible choices. It’s time for you to face the guillotine.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Well we had to include this movie. A psychedelic roller coaster ride, the movie had a paper thin plot and so ill defined characters. How come we loved this movie when we were kids?!?! It was the worst movie in the Spy Kids franchise.

The Cat In The Hat

To be honest, this was a really weird movie to begin with. From a technical standpoint, this was not even a children’s movie. We are not watching it again.

Master of Disguise

Let’s face it, we all loved the movie when we were kids. Master of Disguise was cinematic gold to Millenianls. But damn it the story was so cringe. The more you watch it, the more idiotic you feel for falling in love with it.

Garfield: The Movie

We aren’t saying Garfield is a bad character. We all love the goofy, chubby cat and its feline antics. The 2004 movie was a dream come true. and we all enjoyed it. Watch it again in 2020 and you would know just how pathetic the movie’s comic timing was.


This 1987 movie dates most of the folks reading this list. This movie is the polar opposite of fine wine. It’s cringe and kind of horrifying when you think about the very premise the movie is based on.


Halle Berry used to be America’s sweetest darling. she was Hollywood’s Sweetheart. So naturally people could not see the flaw in Catwoman when they first watched it. But now that we are adults, the terrible special effects and the plot holes look as glaring as Halle Berry’s terrible acting.

The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl In 3-D

Undoubtedly, it is a cult classic. For many, this was the movie that made them, fall in love with the concept of kids as superheroes. But are just going to ignore how this movie fell from grace as time went on.

The Indian In The Cupboard

We all grew up finding a sweet little place in our hearts for this movie. It was a sweet and heart touching tale. But now the more you think about it, the less sense it makes. The story looks and sounds horrible too. This movie did not age well.

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