10 Multiverse Dimensions That Doctor Strange 2 Could Visit

Phase 4 will truly explore MCU’s Multiverse. WandaVision will loosely continue with the concept introduced in Avengers: Endgame. Then, Loki and Spider-Man 3 will carry it forward. And finally, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will act as a culmination event, taking a deep dive into the multiverse. It will introduce several new characters using the infinite universes concept. Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez will certainly be one of those characters. Others could be Captain Britain, Ghost Rider or different versions of familiar MCU heroes. But, along with new characters, Doctor Strange 2 could also introduce different dimensions of the multiverse. So, here are all the dimensions that the Multiverse of Madness could visit:

Dimension of Dreams

While Shuma-Gorath is probably going to be the main villain of Doctor Strange 2, Nightmare is said to be his enforcer. In the comics, Nightmare rules the dimension of dreams. This realm is connected to the dreams of humans. So, Doctor Strange and America Chavez could get to visit this scary astral plane.

Wanda’s Pocket Reality

The WandaVision trailer has suggested that Wanda is going to create a reality of her own. In fact, it has been theorized that this reality is actually set inside a television. Since WandaVision is said to tie in with Doctor Strange 2, we believe that Strange could visit Wanda’s pocket reality in order to pull her out of it.

Mephisto’s Realm

Kevin Feige has revealed in the past that Doctor Strange 2 will be a film with horror sequences. So, there’s a chance that a few realms of the main Hell Dimension could be explored in the film. Rumor has it that Mephisto will be the main villain of the WandaVision series. Since Wanda will continue her arc in the next Doctor Strange movie, Mephisto could also appear in the film. Hence, we might get to visit his realm.

Dark Dimension

Now that Thanos has reduced the time stone to an atom, Dormammu has become a threat to Earth once again. So, he could be back in order to consume Earth into the Dark Dimension. But, even if he doesn’t return, we’re still going to have Clea coming into the mix. In the comics, she was born in the Dark Dimension. So, Doctor Strange 2 is going to revisit this Dimension of suffering one way or another.

The Witches’ Road

In the books, female sorceresses can access a special plane, which is known as “The Witches’ Road.” The Doctor Strange sequel is going to be filled with women that are proficient with the mystic arts. Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes (Agatha Harkness) could continue her arc from WandaVision in Doctor Strange 2. In fact, Agnes will probably help Wanda unlock her chaos magic. So, that’s two more witches coming to the film after Clea. It won’t be crazy to think that these three sorceresses could access the Witches’ road together.


We already know that the Eternals movie is bringing in Kit Harrington as Black Knight. And, rumor has it that Captain Britain could make his appearance in Doctor Strange 2 as well. Since the Otherworld is closely related to Black Knight and Captain Britain, we could see the mystical plane in the Doctor Strange sequel. Otherworld sits in the heart of the Multiverse, and houses the Starlight Citadel. This is what commands the Captain Britain Corps., which looks after the multiple realities of the multiverse.


This realm of the Hell Dimension was introduced by Illyana Rasputin in The New Mutants. But that film certainly didn’t do justice with any of its plot elements and characters. So, we reckon that the MCU could do justice to Limbo. In the comics, Illyana Rasputin/Magik was kidnapped by Belasco, the ruler of Limbo. So, Doctor Strange 2 could visit Limbo, and maybe introduce Illyana and Belasco for future MCU entries.


Doctor Strange 2 could really introduce many different realms and dimensions in order to make things a bit creepy terrifying. We only got a little tease of the weirdness through his multiversal trip in the first film. But this time around, he could take us to “Weirdworld,” which is exactly what it sounds like. It is a sword-and-sorcery dimension which is filled with all sorts of gigantic weird looking creatures. I reckon that the MCU could even introduce Marvel Zombies through Weirdworld.

The Quantum Realm

We saw a glimpse of the Quantum Realm in the first Doctor Strange movie. Since Doctor Strange could tap into the multiverse through his sling ring, he might be able to access the Quantum Realm in theory. So, don’t be surprised if we get to see another trip to the Quantum Realm in the Phase 4 finale event. It could further set up Kang and the third Ant-Man movie.

Other Universes

Along with these different dimensions and realms, we have no doubt that Doctor Strange or America Chavez will take us through different universes. Loki’s alternate timeline could be revisited. Tobey Maguire’s Earth could also be connected. And, other universes could actually show us different versions of familiar MCU heroes.

Which of these dimensions of the Multiverse do you think could be visited in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Tell us in the comments section.

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