Flash Might not be the strongest but definitely, the fastest of all the Superheroes. Ironically his movie is taking the longest time to release. Due to Justice League, this movie became the center of all the controversies. There are  Number changes in the film starting from the scriptwriters to the Directors. Not only this, but there were also rumors that this movie production has halted for a period. A few days back, Warner Bros. revealed the dates for The Flash movie. 3rd June 2022, but The trailer has not released yet.

Here are the ten things You need to know if you are a Flash fan


According to the comic version of Flashpoint, there was a battle between the Aquaman and Wonder Woman. The War Zone was created by Barry Only. According to reports, there will be no sort of conflict between the Aquaman ( kingdom Atlantis) and wonder woman( kingdom) in the movie. So, We are not going to see Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa for the role of wonder woman and Aquaman, respectively.

It is quite disheartening for the fans. We can see the positive side, that DC extended Universe can focus on the lead hero Flash.

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After the Justice League Movie, there were many rumors related to the casting of The Flash, but till now, the only confirmed one is Ezra Miller as Barry Allen. A few months back, the film director Andres Muschietti said that the few casts from the justice league would be in The Flash.

In a recent Tevlesion shoot scene, Barry said that ” I told Victor this was possible.”

So who is this Victor? Is it, Cyborg? Fans took it to Twitter and believed that they might see Ray Fischer in Cyborg’s role again.



Kiersey Clemons was set her debut film in the movie Justice League, though scenes were removed and. Kiersey had played the role of Iris West, who had an ideal attachment towards Barry Allen. The turning point was when the director got changed from Rick Famuyiwa to Andrés Muschietti due to some creative issues with the production team.

According to the reports of The Illuminerdi, now DC extended Universe is planning for a new person to portray the character of Iris West Somewhere aged between 21-25, who characterized as a brave and Intelligent reporter. The news of Iris West in DC is confirmed, but will it be an African-Woman? 

As we have seen Candice Patton in the role of Iris West so it likely to be DC will continue the same pattern. Still, there is no official news regarding who will be playing the role of Iris West.



It was quite unbelievable for the fans when it announced that Jeffery would not be there in The Flash movie, and instead, we will see Michael Keaton for the role of Batman. ( After more than 30 years). Jeffery played the role of Thomas Wayne in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Recently Jeffery joked that it was Michael Keaton who took away his part.


In the movie, Barry Allen will create a Multiverse to go back in time to save her mother from death. There he will meet with  Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne as Batman and Joker. Rumors are confirming that we will see Michael Keaton in the role of Batman, and if it continues, we may also see him in the Bat-Girl movie.


Recently the social media, including Twitter, Outraged with anger when a video has gone viral Where Ezra was pushing a female to the grounds and choking her out. The rage spread like fire in public demanding they do not want Ezra in The Flash. The anger was also justified. DC doesn’t want the Franchise hero to go around in public and create troubles. Considering he played a significant role in the fantastic beast, it is still in Dileammna about his future in the franchise.


To prove his father is not guilty and save his mother, Barry will go back in the past. Barry wanted to show that the murder done by none other than reverse Flash, and he was the real culprit. Going back in time indicates that Barry is breaking the law of nature by altering the future. So we might see several changes in the new world of DCEU. Maybe a complete restart.!

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Batman was the savior and protector of Gotham City. When it comes to the Superhero suit in DCEU, Batman has the best suit among all the others. 

There are gossips that the suit will be similar to the Kingdom Come Batman Costume. We might see a vintage Batsuit in the movie. Dceu partisans are all set to compare it with the Ben Affleck Batman and Superman Batsuit. 


When it comes to Flash, the no. of writers is uncountable. There were many controversies with the writer and the production team. The first writer and director were Grahame-Smith, and now the current Director is Andy Musrettti. Due to so many group changes, we may find various alterations in the movie at multiple scenes.


The last thing for the people who are eagerly waiting for this movie is that shooting will begin soon after Ezra completes his work with the Fantastic Beast team. Filming will most probably start in the early-mid of 2021 and hopefully going to release on the promised date, 3rd June 2022. However, there are no words of Honour for the shooting years due to the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic.

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