10 “Normal” Things TV & Movie Characters Do That’d Be Perfectly Bonkers In Real Life

Shows & Movies give us rather unrealistic expectations. Things that seem normal in cinema would never ever happen in real life.

Getting Hit In The Head, Going Unconscious, & Then Waking Up Later With A Small Scratch On Their Forehead

Head traumas and concussions are the real deal. Professional NFL players use their heads and shoulders to block opponent players. After retiring, many NFL players report cases of amnesia and a static that clouds their thought processes. But in movies, the characters just spring back to life like Shaggy & Scooby Doo when they smell Scooby Snacks.

Preparing A Five Star Five Course Gourmet Buffet For Breakfast But End Up Only Eating A Bread Toast

Seriously who chooses a bread toast over fried chicken, ham and mashed potatoes? And if the food is real, does the crew members end up eating it later or do they end up eating bread toast too?

Randomly Ordering A Beer & Not Specifying Which Brand

If it’s brown, tangy, and cold, it’s beer for the movie and TV stars. We don’t understand how they could just go for literally any random beer. The Bartender could serve them a Budweiser over a Foster’s and they would still gulp it up. The Monsters!!!

Firing Guns Like A Maniac With No Hearing Protection

Live fire rounds are serious business. Even soldiers are asked to wear hearing protection because the sounds could be literally deafening. Now we take the example of Scarface. Al Pacino decided to introduce everyone to his little friend. But he forgot the laws of wave dynamics. Turns out he is immune to high decibel sounds. Or is he!!

Splashing/Pouring Water On Your Head And Looking Like You Are Upset & About To Breakdown

Ok we will give them this one. What we do not understand is the logic. You are already upset and nervous. You are screaming inside. But pouring water all over your hair and face would just piss an upset person even more. You would be upset and wet at the same time with no access to a towel to dry yourself up.

Women Running Around In Skirts & Heels. The Dirt Even Enhances Their Hair

For long, women wardrobes have been terribly underrepresented in movies and shows. While men look rough and rugged in a chase scene or action sequence and it’s termed normal, women have to look perfectly impeccable at all times. The dirt, the sweat, and the blood. To top it off, most of the women in shows and movies are in heels and wearing a skirt – not really the best wardrobe choice when a mutant T-Rex is chasing you.

Wearing Shoes On The Bed

Nobody Does That

Throwing A Random Amount Of Money At The Bar & Walking Out Like A Champ

Count your money. You are drunk Karen. Not Dumb.

Driving & Talking To A Passenger At The Same Time (& Not Even Looking At The Road For More Than Two seconds The Entire Journey)

This is perplexing because it’s so not true. It gives a false impression of driving. Kids, if you are watching this – DO NOT DO THIS. When you are driving, keep all unnecessary distractions to a minimum.

You Are A Young Entrepreneur/Aspiring Writer/Author/Actor But You Own A Spacious Apartment Right In The Heart Of The City

How hasn’t IRS turned up at your door? What secrets do you hide in your basement?

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