The horror movies genre are tough to produce. Sometimes slasher films may turn into comedy because of their naive music and frizzy ghost makeup. However, not only did good films exist, but they also were ahead of their time. Additionally, by their imagery graphics, terrifying themes, on-point acting, or powerful storyline, these movies can easily make your blood run cold. There’s just nothing like something genuinely spine-chilling  movies to get lost in for an hour or two.

Old horror movies
List of old horror movies

Similarly, old horror films despite being of lower camera quality and shoddy graphics, they can make viewers’ hearts miss a beat. Let’s discuss the 10 scariest, old horror movies.

10- Freaks (1932)

The majority of old horror films lose their fear factor after several years of release. However, there is something about the movie Freaks, that scares one out of their wits. In contrast, Tod Browning’s freaks initially have a deadstick landing but later became a memorable piece in cinema’s history. 

Freak movie
Freak movie scene

 The plot revolves around an acrobat who marries a sideshow dwarf. However, she then plans that man’s murder with her oppressor boyfriend and claims a right to his money. When the circus entertainers identify her scheme, their retribution is worse than just murder. 

9- The Bride of Frankestein (1935)

In addition to the first horror-comedy ever created. It features an untimely prominent female lead. Despite being one of the lucrative horror-comedy, James Whales faced several state and National level censorship issues. 

The Wife of Frankestein movie scene
The Wife of Frankenstein movie scene

However, the film storyline is how the scientist Frankenstein (Colin Clive), plans to create a female companion and coerced monster (Boris Karloff) with his old mentor Dr. Pretorius.

8- Jigoku(1960)

Jigoku or The Sinners of Hell is the old Japanese horror film that rigorously acquired the cult classic movie status. Additionally, Nobuo Nakagawa’s Jigoku notably discredited itself from the other Japanese horror films of that epoch like Kwaidan due to its graphic imagery of torment in Hell.

Jigoku- Japanese old horror film
Jigoku- Japanese old horror film

Jigoku (Japanese for “hell”) follows a band of sinful crooks sent for punishment in a Buddhist representation of the underworld. Based on the time, the film has become a cult-favorite among hardcore horror cinephiles for its sustained Gore FX and candy-coated scenes.

7- Night Of The Hunter (1955)

Nevertheless, the Debut film of an Oscar-winning actor as a filmmaker was a notorious bomb later its release. Moreover, the movie Night of the Hunter was known for its lyrical and expressionistic style, with its inclination on the silent era that sets it apart from other Hollywood films.

The night of hunter movie scene
The Night of Hunter movie scene

The movie plot follows the corrupt minister-turned-serial killer Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum) learns about the poached cash of $10,000, which a man concealed. Later he attempts to death blow that man’s widow and her three children with the motive of stealing the money. 

6- Eyes Without a Face (1960)

Georges Franju’s Eyes Without a Face dazzled the current critics by its poetic nature and fabricated a remarkable impact on other directors. However, the movie plot comprises a mad doctor who used to sneak victims’ faces to reconstruct his daughter’s visage, severely altered during a disaster.

Eye without a face old horror film
Eye Without a Face old horror film

Additionally, this French old horror movie produced considerable controversies after its European release. The dispute arose due to the solitary where the facial surgery scene shook like a leaf. Therefore, makers cut that scene during the American release of the film. 

5- Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Night of the Living Dead may be contemplated as a rebellious old horror film. The movie was one of the most commercially successful movies of its time. However, the flick laid out the methodology of the hungry, starved style of flesh, vindicating everyone with imposing objective.

The night of the living dead movie
The Night of the Living Dead movie

Additionally, portraying an African-American actor (Duane Jones) as the protagonist in the film was a courageous task in that era. Even the film’s sectoral social commentary came at the height of the Civil Rights movement in America, making the casting of Jones doubly significant. 

4- Peeping Tom (1960)

Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom can be considered a cult outstanding in old horror movies’ chronicle. Initially, this slasher film was termed controversial and even negatively impacted Powell’s career. However, in later years, this movie was re-evaluated and considered Masterpiece and named the 78th most excellent British film of all time. 

Old horror film pepping tom
A Scene from Peeping Tom

The movie plot follows a handsome photographer who used to murder women by hiding the knife in his camera tripod. He used to do this to capture the fearful expressions on the faces of women in the camera.

3-Psycho (1960)

Psycho is one of the old horror films that can generate a thousand volts of fear in a viewer’s nerves. The title of being the first toilet flush scan of cinematic history goes to this movie- jokes apart. The recipient of several awards, The Psycho initially received mixed critical reviews. Contrastingly when the movie hits theatre, its earnings skyrocketed by audience love and support. 

Scary scene of Psycho movie
Scary scene of Psycho movie

Psycho also broke the impression of killing off its lead character, Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), halfway in the film. The serial killing storyline in which the killer doomed women’s clothes to resemble his dead mother earmarked the movie as an untouchable horror. 

2-The Shining (1980)

The Shining movie is a hidden gem in clusters of old horror movies. Based on the novel by Stephen King of the same name. However, at the time of release, it received mixed reviews from critics. Even the book writer Stephen King disliked the film due to its difference from the novel. Varieties of titles issued by critics like “destroyed all that was so terrifying about Stephen King’s bestseller”

The shinning movie scene
A scene from the movie

Infact, Kubrick and Shelley Duvall were nominated for Razzie Awards for Worst Director and Worst Actress, respectively. But time changes and Choices too. Now, this horrific psychological puzzle piece stands at 62 number in IMDB’s top 250. Additionally, It’s subliminal messages concept theft viewers sleepless nights.

1-The exorcist (1973)

 The Exorcist film name is mandatory to come the old horror films list. The movie considered as a Revolution in the history of horror movies. William Friedkin’s Exorcist comes under the list of Damned movies because the movie’s shooting set burnt and discontinued shooting. 

The scariest movie- exorcist
The scariest movie- exorcist

The movie’s practical effects remain absolutely revolting and heart-wrenchingly grotesque to this day. And the human story beneath the puddle of pea soup is equally as engrossing. This movie somehow remains so feared numerous people faint down in theatre after watching the film. 


However, these are some of the movies that will be a scared stiff just by its glimpse. These movies do justice with the evergreen “old is gold” Statement. Pin down your views regarding these old Revolutionary movies in the comment section.

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