10 Really Good Things That Happened This Week..

As we all know that there is a fight out there that the world is fighting against an enemy that is unseen through naked eyes and our heroes i.e. Doctors and Nurses are continuously fighting against this COVID-19 virus to protect the world from it. And we have been quarantined to be safe at our homes and help the doctors by not letting the virus spread any more. During this lock-Down we all have been in our homes safe but the animals that are out there on the streets or birds on trees they are not able to help themselves in getting food and shelter. So During this period of quarantine some really good things happened that made the animal kingdom to have faith in humans and to believe in them for food as well as shelter. So Animated Times have a compilation of 10 really good things that had happened during this week.


#A Making a picnic table for a squirrel friend:


#B Being Apart During Quarantine This Couple Found A Way To Stay Together : 


#C Boss Turns Herself into a Potato while on a Conference call from Home:

#D JACK BLACK Joined Tik-Tok Army!!

#E Setting Up Different lawn scene By Neighbors Everyday :

#F Kittens cuddled during quarantine!!!

#G Found A Baby Seal At Work :

#H This Kitten Was Set Free To Roam freely in a Huge Empty Aquarium:

#I Officially Meeting Walter The Cat :

#J Pets Enjoying During Quarantine:


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