10 Reasons Why Batman Is Running The DC Comics.

I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!

The year was 1939 when two friends named Bob Kane and Bill Finger created a badass superhero Batman. Being the old statesman and playing the leading role in the DC universe Batman is the representative of many superheroes. Being the most former character, Batman, is also one of the most popular comic book characters along with Superman from the DC universe. But recently, DC has been very dependent on Batman to support them with their publications. Recently he has an unusual appearance in the DC universe, along with his Bat-family have been there in every current DC comics. As the Bat-Family is very popular among fans, it will be difficult for other characters to gain fame and shine properly. But is it true? Let’s find out. Batman is a rebellious character that he seems.

#10 He’s Basically A Bat-God:

#9 He’s A Lone-Wolf… But Also A Team-Player:

#8 The Bat Saturation:

#7 Has Too Many Sidekicks:

#6 His Stories Lack Consequence:

#5 Too Many Batmen In The Multiverse:

#4 The Dark Multiverse:

#3 He Overshadows Other DC Characters:

#2 He Has Same Villains and Same Battles:

#1 He Dominates Related DC Media:





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