10 Strangest Ways Marvel Heroes Got Their Powers

There are many superheroes introduced by Marvel with miraculous powers and remarkable origin stories. But, a few of them got their abilities in pretty weird ways. Let us have a look at the 10 superheroes from Marvel who received their powers in strange ways.

10.Daredevil: Blinded By Radioactive Substance

When Matt Murdock was young, he was blinded by a radioactive substance that fell from a vehicle, and even though he lost his eye-sight, his other senses were heightened to an extreme level, allowing him to be sense things unimaginable to normal human senses. Despite the fact he has superhero abilities, the way he got the powers does not make any sense.

9.Slapstick: Molecules Stretched Across Dimensions

More of a goofball than being a serious character, Slapstick was a problematic child who loved to break things and getting dressed up in wild costumes. Once, he got dressed up as a clown and got into a carnival only to end up stretching his arms in infinite dimensions.

8.The Whizzer: Blood Transfusion From A Mongoose

Whizzer made his first appearance during the golden phase of the comic world. He was on a trip with his father, and there he got bitten by a snake. The only thing that could save him was an infusion of mongoose blood. Somehow, he survived the snake bite with the transfusion of mongoose blood, but the incident gave him an extraordinary power, and he ended up as a speedster. Super-speed is an amazing ability, but getting it from a mongoose sounds strange.

7.Dead Girl: Mutation By Death

Peter Milligan created Deadgirl, and she first appeared in X-Force #125 2002. Moonbean was a young emerging actor who moved to New York with the dream of becoming an actor. Tragically, she was killed by her co-worker, before getting sealed in a tomb. On the night of her murder, her body was revived by mutating the necrotic tissues. Spooky!

6.Spider-Man: Bite From A Radioactive Spider

Okay, now many of you will disagree with this thing but doesn’t it sound very peculiar that Peter Parker got abilities from a Spider in a science exhibition? Not only that, but Peter got all his skills from the spider with very high efficiency. It first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 ( 1963).

5.Free Spirit: Brainwashed By Radioactive Self-Help Tapes

Cathy Webster was a student at Hayden college before she became Free Spirit. During her college days, she participated in an experiment that brainwashed her. Due to mutagenic radiation in the tapes responsible for her brainwashing, her body was enhanced to peak human condition, mimicking the Super Soldier Serum.

4.Rocket Raccoon: Animal Testing By Robots

The CGI character is one of the significant members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He belongs to the planet Half-world. The robots of the planet use pets to take care of insane patients. Rocket Racoon is part of the genetically engineered program which turned him super intelligent. His intelligence makes him capable of handling destructive weapons.

3.The Captain: Handed His Powers By Two Aliens

Probably the Captain got his superpowers in the easiest possible manner than any other member on this list. He gained most of his superpowers, including the “Heart Star” without actually grinding for them.

After getting euphoric in a random bar, the Captain stumbled upon two aliens who gave him the “Power of the Space Between Two Galaxies.” Similarly, the Captain attained his other superpowers in the most anti-climactic way possible.

2.Night Man: Piece Of Shrapnel In Brain From A Cable Car

Night Man’s approach of acquiring his superpowers sounds cut from the same cloth as other superheroes in the list and is a twist of fate. While driving his car, John Domingo crashed against a cable car. The “jumpstart effect hit him,” a superpower set in motion from the moon.

The superpowers of night man may seem a blend of present-day marvel superheroes. Or, it can be seen as if the Night Man inspires the abilities of present-day marvel superheroes. For instance, Night Man has the ability of malicious telepathy which gives him the ability to hear evil thoughts. Also, he became a cannibal in order to survive after accepting Rhiannon’s gift.

1.Meteor Man: Struck In The Head By A Space Rock

Apart from the accustomed abilities of Marvel superheroes, the Meteor Man has also got few bizarre potentials like squandering erudition from books and communicating with animals. The way this superhero acquired his superpowers may seem ridiculous. Jefferson Reed, aka the Meteor Man, was holed up in a dumpster when chased by a couple of thugs where he was walloped on the head by a green meteor. Thus, Jefferson ended up realizing his superpowers effortlessly, in a brilliant stroke of luck!

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