10 Strict Rules Disney Stars Have to Follow

Disney, one of the biggest entertainment and production houses around the world! The one that has made a huge impact on the lives of young children around the world with its movies and tv shows. I mean we all remember how eager we used to be to watch Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and other such cartoons.

As we all entered teenage, we started watching popular Disney shows such as Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, Wizards of Waverly Place, and more. And that’s how we also got our popular music artists such as Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and of course, Jonas Brothers.

But if you have followed the journey of these stars from their Disney years and after, you might have noticed that most of them kinda turned rebel and didn’t maintain their sweet, child-like image. Well, that’s because as a Disney star, they had to follow the strictest policies. And it was as if the studio controlled their lives to make a good impression on their young audience.

Let’s take a look at those 10 strict rules that Disney stars had to follow.

Permission before posting anything on social media

Yes, that’s right! If a Disney star wanted to post anything remotely related to a Disney movie that hasn’t been released, they needed permission to do so. Disney movie Shrek 2 was one of the firsts that got huge social media attention. But the two main stars of the movie Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz weren’t allowed to post anything related to the movie on their social media.

This is not to say that the studio doesn’t rely on the social media accounts of their actors in contracts. However, social media posts can contain information that has been approved by the studio.






Strict Moral Clause in Every Contract

Disney has always produced movies and tv shows that were meant for the younger audience. Hence, avoiding making a negative impact was imperative. Hence, every actor who signed with the studio had to abide by the strict moral clause. If an actor violated the moral clause, Disney would drop them in a minute.

After all, it’s about image representation for the studio. Although, there were instances when the studio had to look past the morality clause. For example, when Demi Lovato opened about getting help for mental health issues. Not supporting the actor at such a time would have looked bad for the studio, hence, they looked past the incident and kept working with Demi Lovato.







Pushed to make music

All the Disney star you know have ended up becoming music artists. Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Hillary Duff, Jonas Brothers to name a few. The studio pushes its stars to make a music career as well. There are some exceptions to it such as Shia LeBeouf who didn’t follow through with the same push. He has admitted that he never felt like he fit the Disney world.






Told What to Wear

Yes, that might seem strange to you, but the studio has always controlled what their stars would wear and what they won’t. Again this comes as a way for Disney to manage their image that appeals to the younger audience. You will always find Disney stars wearing cutesy dresses with blonde hair as opposed to their true nature. Phew! That can get exhausting!






The Tone and Way of Talking

If you have ever noticed, all your favorite Disney stars would always talk in a high-pitched voice that sounded cute and appealing to the audience. This is because each star would get detailed instructions on how to talk and the tone of talking. And it wasn’t just meant for when they were in character, it was also meant for when they gave interviews! Wow! One draconian rule that is!

Bella Thorne

Legal Right to Own Their Name

Well, if you ever get a chance to be a Disney star, don’t use your real name. Why? Because Disney has the legal rights to own the name of their stars. Miley Cyrus wouldn’t be able to keep her original name if it wasn’t for her mother. She made sure that her daughter’s legal rights are protected. Thanks, Mama Cyrus!

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No Room for Negotiation

If you thought that Disney stars have sky-high salaries, well, you are in for a surprise! As a Disney star, you don’t have much room for negotiation. You get what the studio deems suitable to pay you. As Miley Cyrus has said that at one time, she was the lowest-paid actress in the studio. It’s not all roses and sunshine when you are a Disney star!

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Don’t Write Risque Lyrics

Joe Jonas has been quite vocal about how the studio would keep an ear out on the lyrics of the Disney songs. The studio has been known to restrict artists from writing anything that might seem remotely inappropriate. That’s the reason why most Disney songs sound cute, clean, and obnoxiously sweet.







When the Star Dies, Disney Gets Paid

Disney is known to take out insurance on the name of their greatest assets, Disney stars being one of them. If the star dies an untimely death and is unable to fulfill the contract, the studio gets the insurance money. Now, this might seem that the studio wants to reap as much benefit from their stars, insurance money is meant to recover the supposed losses after the star’s death.

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Can’t Show their Bodies Especially the Mouseketeers

The Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers aren’t allowed to show their bodies even if it isn’t in their control! Now don’t get us wrong! Sure, these Mouseketeers are children, and this rule seems reasonable. However, not when their bodies are changing naturally, especially girls.

When Annette Funicello reached her age, Disney couldn’t let their star leave! So, what did Disney do? They made her tape her breasts before every taping so that she looked young and child-like. Way to make a young girl feel conscious about her body! *Facepalm*

Being a Disney Star is tough! If you know any other Disney rules that just don’t make sense, leave them in the comments.

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