10 Stunning Bits of Doctor Strange Fan Art That We Hope Fans Would Love

The Doctor’s connection with MCU made him a well-known star and a subject for fantastic fanart collections. The art created by them gives the character respect and a sense of loyalty amongst fans. Moreover, they feature key personality traits of the characters and are innovative in their creations.
Doctor Strange has become a rising star for fans with four movies in MCU. There is a good likeliness of him getting more depictions in films and fan art as a heroic character.
Let’s look at some of the popular fan art depictions of Doctor Strange.

A Masterpiece in Pencil Art

doctor strange fan art realistic plastic drwaing
Realistic plastic Drawing of Doctor Strange

Artist dario.arte created a masterpiece of Doctor Strange with the picture given above. The portrait is a clear indication of the signature look of Doctor Strange. The imagery painted by him showed all the minute details of the character. The texture and depth of Strange’s hair and stubble look realistic in the plastic draw. The picture’s facial expression is made similar to the most familiar look of Strange for all his fans.
The character of Strange of being determined and thoughtful is a correct depiction through the drawing’s looks.

Concept Art Poster

Fan art post of Doctor Strange
Concept art post of Doctor Strange

The excitement amongst the fans for Doctor Strange’s upcoming sequel came out through the concept posters created by artists. These symbolize hopes for the new film. The color palette used in the signs is very vibrant and complementary to one another. The sequel’s release date is getting pushed forward, and the date in posters is now made irrelevant.

Illusion Spell

Fan art of Doctor Strange
Illusion spell by Doctor Strange

The long way of the training for Doctor Strange made him strong and confident in his approach. The way he casts spells in the MCU series is the most capturing moment of his fans. This admiring look of him propounded his fans to create it as a piece of art. The conversion of this moment to the vital pictured piece of art shows his fans’ attraction towards his strengths.

Protective Fields

Doctor strange fan art protective shield
Protective shield of Doctor Strange

The battle filed for Doctor Strange brings out his capabilities. The offensive and defensive moves made by him during his fights are great admiration for his fans. The protective shield move is the most attractive one amongst all. The piece of art mentioned has brought the drawing to the protective shield used in the combat. It has a magical presentation of his strengths and power.

Stylized Strange

Doctor strange fan art stylish art
Stylish strange portrait of Doctor Strange

It is an artistic creation made with the minute and detailed textures of Doctor Strange. The technique has used different colors in a palate to manage Doctor Strange’s imaging with clear recognition.


Female strange

Doctor strange fan art female strange
Female Doctor Strange

At this moment, the artists attempted not to change the track to the painting of Doctor Strange. She created him into a different gender character with the same features. The color combinations and contrast are in line with Doctor’s name, but the clothing was made more innovative and stylish.

Toon Strange

Doctor Strange Toon strange art
Toon art of Doctor Strange


The artist of this form of art for Doctor Strange is Jonathan Serrot. The design in the art had clean lines, sharp angles and vibrant angles making it admiring. The glowing and magical looks of Strange’s conjuration had added beauty to the picture of Doctor Strange.

Digital Art

Fan art of Doctor strange
Digital Art of Doctor Strange

A different unique style for showing love towards the character is the use of Digital Art by the fans of Doctor Strange. The drawing depicted above has a little turn to a cartoonish look with thick lines to outline the character’s pop. The artist did not make any change in drawing for the authenticity of the character in MCU. The facial expression of the character in picture is more rounded and softer in appearance.

Speed Drawing

Fan art of Doctor Strange
Speed Art of Doctor Strange

The picturization by the artist made it a cartoonish look. The drawing had fun for his fans to feel. The dimensions of the picture had made it stand out as an image with a wild background. The character of Doctor strange is insignificant and robust.

Charcoal Art

Fan art of Doctor strange
Charcoal Art of Doctor Strange

The picture artist has worked on all the insignificant areas of the character to detail Doctor Strange’s face. The artistic included one of the most associated symbols of Doctor Strange in the drawing. The drawing has appropriate shades and textures.



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