10 Super Intriguing Behind The Scenes Movie Details That Prove These Movies Are Really Magical

Sometimes hidden details about some of our favorite movies make us fall in lve with them all over again. Here are a few.

They Used Real World War Two Nazi Uniforms In Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

The uniforms belonged to Nazi officers and soldiers in the second World War. So in a way, Indiana Jones was kicking actual Nazi butt.

Titanic Has A Scene That Mimics A Photo Actually Taken Aboard The Real Titanic

James Cameron may be a D-Bag now but the dude knew his way around the business. This little bit of authenticity goes a long way in making Titanic memorable.

Jamie Lee Curtis Was Actually Playing The Guitar In Freaky Friday

The scene we are talking about is the “Take Me Away” scene. Jamie Lee Curtis actually put in a lot of effort to learn the guitar solo for the movie.

Tom Hanks Based His Southern Drawl & Accent On The Young Boy From The South Who Portrayed A Younger Forrest Gump

In Interstellar, The People Discussing Dust Storms Were Real life Witnesses Of The 1930’s Dust Bowl

Rizzo’s Hickey’s Were Real In Grease. They Were Created By Jeff Conaway.

The Woman Really Had Her Head Shaved In The Wolf Of Wall Street

Turns out the producers were really surprised with her dedication and willingness for the role.

Russell Crowe was Describing His Actual Home In Gladiator

He shall have his revenge. But first, he needs to have his morning tea in his countryside manor.

Robocop‘s Doctors Were Actual ER Doctors

Probably because the movie was made on a shoestring budget. So the actors ended up being volunteers from the crowds. Just kidding. The Director thought actual ER Doctors sounded more authentic in the scene.

In E.T., The Doctors Treating E.T. Are Real Life Paramedics

Spielberg is a fan of authenticity. And for his Magnum Opus, he chose the most authentic approach of all.

Al Martino In The Godfather Is Connected To The Mob In Real Life

The movie is heavily influenced by the actions of the then crime boss Russell Bufalino. He helped Al Martino land a role in the movie.

In Goodfellas, Robert De Niro Used Real Money


The Wrestler Featured Real Life Customer Orders, Taking Place In An Actual Restaurant Scenario

A Pixar Employee Agreed To Jump Into A Pool In A Chef’s Uniform. That helped The Artists Come Up With A Better Design For Linguini In Ratatouille.

Apocalypse Now Features A Real Water Buffalo Being Sacrificed

Turns out, when the Director found out a local tribe was making an actual Water Buffalo sacrifice, he couldn’t resist but capture it on camera.

Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

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