Friendship is an integral part of a human’s life; it is a relation of common devotion between several people. It is a strong bond that one shares with the people they are close to us. A friend is a person who will always help you in your good and evil and would know everything about you. A friend is someone who one can rely on and trust him on everything.
Well, friendship is not only the part of us ordinary people but also superheroes like Batman and Superman, or Spider-Man and Deadpool, have been good friends. Whether it’s a Marvel Universe or the DC universe, friendship has played a vital role in the comics.
For a comic book to be excellent for the readers, the writers need to show good friendship as it has been a customary yet typical part of the comics for ages.
Since the comic books became famous in the eyes of fans, friendship among the superheroes have always taken place, and there have been a lot of super buddies.
Some of these super buddies have been famous among fans, but we are sure that some of these on the list might amaze you. As today, we at Animated Times have compiled a list of those superhero friendships that fans had no clue.

1 Cyborg And Shazam:

2 Hope And Namor:

3 Batman And Plastic Man:

4 She-Hulk And Jazinda The Skrull:

5 Damian Wayne And Crush:

6 Spider-man And Agent Anti-Venom:

7 New Super-man And Lex Luthor:

8 Spider-Man And Loki:

9 Victor Mancha And Doombot:

10 Superman And Spider-Man:



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