10 Terrifying Versions of the Joker from DC Comics

The Joker has terrorized Batman ever since their very first encounter all the way in 1940.  He’s cemented his place as one of the greatest comic book villains of all time. Here are 10 terrifying versions of the Joker that have terrorized Batman across DC’s multiverse.


10. Jack Schadenfraude

Appearing in Batman/ Houdini: The Devil’s Workshop, Jack Schadenfraude is a grinning ghoul that carries away children from impoverished neighborhoods for his own devious ends. The series see Batman teaming up with Harry Houdini to combat a number of threats in 1907

9. Bianca Steeplechase

Bianca Steeplechase is one of the Primary antagonists of Thrillkiller set on Earth-37. A skilled manipulator, mob boss and a mistress of poisons, she is in a relationship with her sidekick, Harley Quinn.


8. The Laughing Man

The Laughing Man is captain Leatherwing’s greatest foe. He is a grinning, sadistic master of the sea, hell-bent on ruining his arch-nemesis, presumbly, Bruce Wayne.  Fortunately this grinning nightmare of Earth-494 meets a fitting end.

7. Digital Justice

Imagine a futuristic city. Now imagine a sentient virus takes over the city. The grandson of Commisioner Gordon, James Gordon, has to figure out a plan to save a hi-tech Gotham city from a dangerous sentient virus, created by the Joker, now long dead.


6. Emperor Joker

Here’s a terrifying thought- imagine Joker gaining the reality warping powers of the 5th dimension imp MXYZPTLK. That’s the plot of Emperor Joker. Emperor Joker puts Batman, Superman and the heroes of the world through untold suffering till he’s eventually beaten. That doesn’t stop him from being any less terrifying though.

5. Vampire Leader

Batman: Bloodstorm gave the world a haunting version of the Joker: a psychopath who led a group of vampires against a vampiric Batman. Need we say more? Earth-43 is now home to vampiric inhabitanta.


4. Lex Luthor Joker

In a world where Clark Kent was adopted by the Waynes, what would be more terrifying than having an arch-nemesis that was both Joker AND Lex Luthor? Speeding Bullets by J.M. DeMatteis answers that question. The brains of Lex Luthor and the insanity of the Joker, terrifying indeed.

3. Sinestro

On Earth -32, Bruce Wayne became the Green Lantern instead of Hal Jordan. His enemy Sinestro accidentally absorbed the consciousness of one Joe Chill which drove him insane. This was the birth of this earth’s Joker.

2. The Nail

On Earth-898, Joker gained supernatural powers owing to him being trapped in hell. He constantly tortured Batman from beyond the grave until the league teamed up to take down this devilish clown .

1. Batman: RIP

While still a mainstream universe version of the clown prince of crime, Grant Morrison and Tony S. Daniel’s version of the Joker is nothing short of nightmare fuel.

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