The end of the Avengers series led to a somewhat fall in the fervour of the MCU fanbase. The release of WandaVision has riled up fans again, and theories have taken the internet by storm.

One aspect that has raised the most speculations is the appearance of Mephisto, a character deemed to be the final villain in WandaVision. Stan Lee first introduced him in The Silver Surfer #3, and he continued to play a major antagonist in the Avengers series. Easter Eggs from WandaVision, suggests he will play a further role in the devasting fate that lies ahead of Vision and the Scarlet Witch.

10. Agnes is Mephisto

Agnes Harkness in a still from the WandaVision

Jimmy Woo doesn’t place Agnes as a regular Westview resident. Her fascination with Wanda and polite nudging to have children does raise eyebrows. While some fans think she is actually Agatha Harkness, one of the most powerful witches in the Marvel universe, to say she’s the devil hiding in plain sight may not be a big statement either.

Whether or not it’s true, the portrayal of Agatha in the comics’ does make some twist in character foreseeable.

9. Dottie is Mephisto

Dottie Jones in a still from WandaVision

Dottie Jones is key to everything that happens in the town of Westview as if she runs the entire show. There is also her weird key mantra, “for the children.” This coupled with Mephisto’s key role in the lives of Wanda’s children in the comic books is undeniable evidence suggesting her to be Mephisto.

But her character feels more of a decoy set up by the show to throw suspicion in another direction.

8. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

The Nic Cage classic features Miphesto in both the movies of the Ghost Rider series. Taking into account the induction of non-MCU characters into the Multiverse, some fans think Miphesto will follow in the same direction.

7. Doctor Strange

A still of Doctor Strange and Wanda for The Multiverse of Madness

The comic books feature Mephisto as a recurring villain for Sorcerer Supreme, linking his appearance to Doctor Strange rather than WandaVision.

Wanda is expected to play a major role in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness and the fallout is expected to affect Westview. Doctor Strange could play a vital role in uncovering the threats hidden here.

6. Senor Scratchy

Agnes getting Wanda the Rabbit

In the second episode, Agnes gifts Wanda a bunny named Senor Scratchy. The rabbit considered a symbol of fertility makes an ideal gift with Agnes’ intentions of influencing Wanda to have children. However, the name itself is a play on Mr Scratch, an alternate name for the devil.

There’s also Agnes’ unusual remark in response to Dottie’s “the Devil is in the details.” She says, “That’s not the only place he is.” Hella sus if you ask me.

5. Ralph is Mephisto

A still from WandaVision

Like Agnes, her husband Ralph is also suspected of being Mephisto in disguise.

In the comics, Agatha is seen working with Mephisto. On the show, Agnes has made several references about her husband, however, he is yet to make an appearance.

4. SWORD isn’t SWORD

An image of the SWORD logo

Is the SWORD logo actually a sword? A Reddit user builds off demonic iconography, saying the sword is an inverted cross, a reference to the biblical Satan.

However, the events of Episode 4 confirm SWORD as an authentic organisation, making this theory to be on a completely different tangent.

3. Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Leaked photos form behid the Scenes footage

Another much-awaited Marvel series dropping in March is Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Surprisingly, the series may also play a role in the appearance of Mephisto. Behind the scenes, footage revealed jackets with the red face of a devil emblazoned on them.

While there is a strong possibility that it is a connection, it can also be a reference to Ogun, Wolverine’s nemesis.

2. The Loki Connect

A still from the Loki Trailer

Mephisto is seen painted on a window briefly in the trailer of the upcoming Loki series. This is one of many hints of Mephisto being the main villain in Marvel’s Phase 4.

The version of Loki featured in the series isn’t half as brainy as the one we lost in Endgame. So a bargain with Mephisto is definitely not out of the question.

1. The Mastermind Behind Infinity War

A still of Wanda from Avengers: Infinity War

This last one is the most ambitious of all theories we’ve heard until now. Many fans believe Mephisto has been the one pulling the strings all along, and the real mastermind behind the Snap.

It tracks Mephisto’s origins to the first Captain America movie, where Red Skull is actually him in disguise. His evolution as the soul collecting devil roots from his experience as guardian of the Soul Stone.

While highly unlikely, the theory puts together several aspects of different Marvel phases in a realistic plotline.

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