10 Things You Need to Know About the Upcoming Y: The Last Man Series

When Brian K. Vaughan wrote Y: The Last Man for Vertigo from 2002-2008, little did he know of the impact it would leave behind. We followed the misadventures of the last man on earth for 6 years and 60 issues. The run has been critically acclaimed and commercially successful. After multiple attempts, a TV series is now in the works and coming soon. Read on to find 10 things you need to know about Y: The Last Man.

The Original Comics 

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The original run of Y: The Last Man was published by Vertigo comics between 2002 and 2008. Pia Guera handled most of the artwork with some inputs by Goran Sudzuka and Paul Chadwick. The series received 3 Eisner awards and was collected in 10 volumes.


The Premise 

Y: THE LAST MAN, VOL. 1 | Y the last man, Last man, Children of men
“All” of the men are dead
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Yorick and Ampersand

The post-apocalyptic tale begins with every mammal on the planet with the Y Chromosome suddenly dropping dead at the same time. Except for our hero, Yorick Brown and his pet monkey, Ampersand. The story follows Yorick’s arduous journey as he treks across the country to the lab of a scientist. Why? To clone himself to make more men so that humanity doesn’t go extinct. While it sounds strange, Yorick undergoes an emotional, deadly journey of survival for the face of the planet.


The Characters

Yorick and his Mother Jennifer


The story centers around Yorick Brown, an underachieving slacker of an escape artist. He is the son of the highest-ranking government official- Jennifer Brown who later becomes the president of the United States. He is also accompanied by Agent 355, a secret agent disgruntled with Yorick’s antics who she is hired to protect. Joining them is Dr. Alison Mann, a genius in the field of cloning with daddy issues and the adorable, plucky capuchin monkey, Ampersand.


The Cast

Ben Schnetzer · BIFA · British Independent Film Awards
Ben Schnetzer as Yorick Brown
No Time To Die's Lashana Lynch responds to 007 rumour backlash
Lashana Lynch as Agent 355
Y: The Last Man': Diane Lane Joins Cast of FX Pilot | TVLine
Diane Lane as Jennifer Brown


Imogen Poots In Talks For The Lonely Island's Connor4real | Movies | Empire
Imogen Poots as Hero Brown

The series stars Ben Schnetzer as Yorick Brown. Diane Lane plays his mother, Jennifer Brown. The lovely Imogen Poots plays Yorick’s sister hero and Lashana Lynch from James Bond and Captain Marvel will play Agent 355. Other cast members include Juliana Canfield, Marin Ireland, Amber Tamblyn, and Timothy Hutton from leverage as the president of the United States.


The Showrunner

Y': Eliza Clark Joins FX Series Based On DC Comic As New Showrunner – Deadline
Eliza Clarke: The Showrunner

The series was initially developed by Michael Green. Green, however, left to develop and focus on American Gods. Eliza Clarke who co-produced and oversaw shows such as The Killing, Animal Kingdom and Extant will serve as the show’s new showrunner. She has also written the script for 10 of the episodes for Y: The Last Man. She also wrote episodes for the AMC series Rubicon



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The original comic book run tackled a wide variety of issues when talking about politics. It did not shy away from discussing issues both within and beyond America’s borders and jurisdiction. For instance, there is a part of the story that sees Yorick’s mother Jennifer become the new President of the United States and the issues that she has to contend with in a parliament of women. Issues in countries like Israel, Japan, Jordan, and Russia all play major roles in pushing the narrative and plot forward. This might be an excellent time to explore those themes in a more contemporary context, allowing makers to put their spin on the story without really taking anything away.



Throwback Thursdays: Gender, Feminism, and Exploitation Tropes in Y: The Last Man | Lady Geek Girl and Friends

Given that Y focuses on the story of one man in a world of women, the narrative is not always on Yorick alone. Women and their issues are also of equal importance in what is arguably a feminist text. Discrimination, power distribution, LGBT+ issues, and relationship dynamics are just some of the issues that are dealt with in the original comic. Given that the show is written by a woman, it might help in offering a much more nuanced take on women’s issues and feminism. 


It’s a Little Dated

Throwback Thursdays: Gender, Feminism, and Exploitation Tropes in Y: The Last Man | Lady Geek Girl and Friends
Agent 355 and Yorick

Yes. It must be stated: Y: The Last Man is a product of its time. Given that the series was still a product of the 2000s, there were homophobic slurs used. The series might have been about “the last man”. Re-reading it in hindsight and with different perspectives may make people wonder if it was a piece of TERF(Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) Text. That being said, it was a product of its time and can be construed as such.


Literary Easter Eggs 

The Last Man by Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft (ebook)

Hamlet Contemplating Yorick's Skull Relief by Eugene Delacroix
Alas! Poor Yorick. I knew him well.

The entire series is chock-filled with literary references. To begin with, Yorick and Hero Brown are Shakespearean characters from Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing respectively. The Last Man is a reference to Mary Shelley’s (who invented science-fiction as a genre) novel, The Last Man, after a plague in the 21st century wipes out all but one man.


FX Productions

FX On Hulu Launches Today | What's On Disney Plus

FX productions happen to have a great track record with some amazing content. Fargo, Atlanta, What We Do in The Shadows, Devs, and Dave. It also boasts of having one the greatest comic book television series of all time- Marvel’s Legion. With an amazing showrunner and a strong studio behind it, here’s hoping Y: The Last Man knocks it out of the park. It is slated to release sometime in 2021.


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