10 times Henry Cavill made a history as Superman

We all know Superman has always been a fan-favorite character. Ever since Henry Cavill entered the DCEU franchise as a superman, he has taken this superhero to another level. It was played by Christopher Reeve in the very first place, it gained him huge popularity and he glorified DCEU’s name all over the world. But, unfortunately, due to his demise, this role was given to various other actors, but it was only Henry Cavill who could bring back that stardom again. From Man Of Steel to Zack Snyder’s Justice League there are amazing moments, where he has delivered some incredibly amazing shots. No doubt Henry Cavill has gained huge stardom as Christopher Reeve, for playing the role of Superman and we love him!

Here are the 8 best moments of Henry Cavill as Superman-

1.Evil Superman: Batman V Superman

Justice League's Knightmare Timeline Explained

In Batman v Superman: dawn of justice, we got to see superman’s dark version. Batman experiences a vision known as Knightmare, where Superman has embraced the evil dark side and is enslaved to Darkseid. This movie was a great showcase of Henry Cavill’s acting skills. From a polite, humble, and innocent superhero to turning to the dark side and transforming into a murderous machine. he slaughtered almost all batman supporters and left all of us speechless. With this movie, he left an iconic impact on every Superman fan.

2. No one threatens my mother: Man of Steel

HD Pics From The Worlds Of DC บน Instagram: “"You think you can threaten my mother?!"” | Instagram, Pics, Mother

In the Man of Steel Henry Cavill proved a point that no matter how much power you hold, your mother is always your first strength. When General Zod tried to interrogate Superman’s mother Martha Kent to get any information about the codex. Superman appeared out of nowhere and flew Zod to the sky, punched him several times, and delivered the strongest line to this date- “you think you can threaten my mother? “. These lines justified Superman’s character more deeply. It defined the point that no matter who you are, your family, your mother will always be your priority.

3. Superman risk’s his own life to save the planet earth: Man Of Steel

MOS World Engine feat: Just how strong does this make DCEU Superman? - Gen. Discussion - Comic Vine

Another event that showed the heroism and bravery of superman was from the man of steel where Superman destroys the world engine. despite being exposed to the Kryptonian environment that probably made him feel weaker and the strain from the beams of the world engine he didn’t care and pushed himself to the limits in order to destroy the world engine and save the planet.

4. Family Time: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

After getting resurrected with the help of the Mother Box, superman regains his lost memories, he directly revisited his loved ones. Superman straight away headed to his family. Henry Cavill and Amy Adams projected intense chemistry between each other in this scene. Fans were already overwhelmed by this movement, but tears came into their eyes when superman reunited with his mother. When Martha kent returned to her farm, it was a very emotional movement when she found out that her son is alive again, back from the grave. this scene proved that even a superhuman-like superman who is so tough can have a soft side too.

5. Faster than flash: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

In the 2006 film Justice League, the Flash is shocked when Superman makes eye contact with him in super speed. The Flash looks directly into camera, shocked that we see him too

After being resurrected superman lost all of his memory and started fighting with the whole Justice League. When flash tried to stop him, he fought flash off, he defeated him at his own speed. In short, things didn’t get better until Batman showed up. This scene was a demonstration of the fact that Superman is the strongest, faster, and most powerful human. This scene left an epic impact on fans.

6. Superman’s First Flight: Man Of Steel

DCEU Superman Appreciation 2018

In Man Of Steel superman was uncertain about his powers, he didn’t know he could fly. So when he took his first flight, the joy on superman’s face clearly shows, how delighted Cavill is, to play the role of Superman. Henry Cavill loves to play the role of Superman, he gave a genuine and honest reaction, like anyone would feel taking his first flight. This was a memorable moment for fans. Henry Cavill resembled Christopher Reeve in the purest form, maybe that’s why Zack Snyder referenced him in his Justice League.

7. The death of Zod: Man of steel

Zack Snyder Reveals How Superman Activated The Mother Boxes In Batman V Superman - LRM

Everyone wants their rivals to be dead, except for our Superman. We saw a flow of grieve in Superman’s eyes when he killed General Zod. Killing someone was the last thing he wanted to do, but he knew general Zod wouldn’t stop until one of them was dead. Superman is clearly an angelic person who is devoid of all impurities, he certainly has a very clean heart that is empathetic towards his enemies as well. After the death of Zod, Superman is the only known son of Krypton. In conclusion, he had to kill his evil brother to save the world. This scene in the film “Man Of Steel” left everyone stunned and speechless, moreover, it was impactful acting delivered by Henry Cavill.

8. He visits the Kryptonian Ship: Zack Snyder’s justice league

Justice League New Trailer Reveals Multiple Superman Suits

He visits his krypton ship after his rebirth. this ship was filled with the suit of the people from his planet. Henry Cavill didn’t deliver any dialogue in this scene, just communicated with his expressions, he proved another point through this scene that talented actors don’t need any dialogue to be a great artist. He contemplates whether or not he should return to action after his rebirth. He brutally died in Batman v Superman, then through the help of Motherbox, he was reborn again.

9. Superman joins the Justice League in Zack Snyder’s cut

Given what happens in Justice League, what was the point of Superman's death? - The Verge

In the Zack Snyder’s cut when The Justice League was shown fighting against Steppenwolf which was looking like a losing battle and when it seemed that all hope was lost, Superman in his Black suit showed up. Steppenwolf in order to get hold of the Mother boxes tries to attack Cyborg with his Axe but Superman comes in the way and blocks it with his shoulders, without even breaking a sweat. This moment was pretty badass and showed how powerful Superman is, Henry Cavill totally nailed this moment and loved it as well.

10. The Batman vs Superman showdown

Review: 'Batman v Superman' ... v Fun? - The New York Times

In the movie Batman vs Superman, we all have seen how Batman sees Superman as a bad guy and believes that he can be a threat to mankind because of his powers. The hatred in the heart of Batman grows to such an extent that he plans on killing Superman with his own hands. Although the movie didn’t offer a lot of action sequences, the 10-minute fight between Batman and Superman was epic. Both Superman and Batman get pretty badly beaten up by each other while exchanging blows, Henry Cavill did an amazing job in showing the shock of being beaten up by a normal human being and not being able to overpower Batman.



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