10 Times Marvel Heroes Stood For Real World Causes

“Vengeance has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I’m done letting it consume me.”-T’Challa

Once in a while, Marvel heroes don’t merely represent equity in their own fictional universes; they can likewise uphold true causes.
For Marvel Comics, the expression “With extraordinary force, comes incredible obligation” is more than a motto for one of their leader characters; it is a statement of purpose to contact their audience about significant actual issues.
Throughout the long term, the publisher has upheld some social issues that straightforwardly influence their readership.
The battle on drugs, world craving, and child abuse prevention is only a couple of these issues that the heroes can’t punch away, all things being equal, utilizing schooling and data to help those out of luck. Some of these attempts are similar to Daredevil’s notice of gasoline threats by battling the peril’s representation as to the villain Vapora.
In any case, while a large number of these public help funnies may appear to be over the top, eventually, the message matters.

1. Remembering The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks:


2. Captain America Fights For Asthma Awareness:


3. The X-Men Battle World Hunger:


4. The Incredible Hulk & AIDS Awareness:


5. Spider-Man Battles Child Abuse And Bullying:


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6. Captain America Goes To War Against Drugs:


7. Spider-Man And An Anti-Drug Message:


8. Flash Thompson And The Wounded Warrior Fund:


9. Spidey, Storm, And Power Man Fight Teenage Smoking:


10. Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man Meets Planned Parenthood:

So yes, These are 10 Times Marvel Heroes Stood For Real World Causes.
I really was amazed at the work that Marvel has done.
What about you guys? What do you have to think about these comics?
Tell us your favorite from the list?
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Source: fandomwire.com


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