10 Times Superheroes Snapped And Went Absolutely Wild

“With great power comes great responsibility”- Spider-Man

Superheroes should be respectable, acceptable, and – regardless of anything else – heroic.
However, the Marvel and DC universes are occupied with times superheroes went wild.
It’s not very difficult to comprehend for what reason they’d snap, however.
These are people who commit their whole lives to everyone’s benefit, just to be continually badgering by reprobates, the overall population.
Media figures (taking a gander at you, J. Jonah Jameson) are apparently compelled to watch everybody they love die.
It really astonishes a more incredible amount of them don’t snap under those conditions.
There are clearly many stories where Wolverine goes crazy.
However, totally releasing one’s capacity in a presentation of solidarity isn’t only for the hotheads. Essentially, every character from Superman to Spider-Man has taken it altogether too far at some time.

1. The Destruction Of Themyscira Enraged Wonder Woman Enough To Take On Superman And Destroy The Planet:


2. Wolverine Was Brainwashed By Mysterio In ‘Old Man Logan’ And Wiped Out His Fellow X-Men:


3. Superman Took Over The World In ‘Injustice’ After The Joker Leveled Metropolis And Caused The Demise Of Lois Lane:


4. Hulk Got Revenge On Earth’s Heroes For Sending Him Into Space By Forcing Them To Fight And Almost Destroying Earth:


5. An Alternate Version Of Batman Was Dosed With Joker Venom, Causing Him To Eliminate The Bat-Family And Justice League:


6. The Punisher Terminated All Of Marvel’s Biggest Villains Right Before The Reality-Warping ‘Secret Wars’ Event:


7. Hal Jordan Became Parallax And Wiped Out The Green Lantern Corps:


8. Thor Absolutely Beat Down Iron Man After Stark Created A Murderous Clone Of Him:


9. The Sentry Gave In To The Void And Fought The Combined Strength Of The Avengers And Dark Avengers:


10. Spider-Man Punched Off Scorpion’s Jaw:

So Yes, these are 10 Times Superheroes Snapped And Went Absolutely Wild.
I really am shocked by these times when superheroes snapped and went absolutely wild.
What do you people have to say about this? Did you like our top 10 picks?
Let us know down below…
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