10 Times The DC Universe Almost Came To An End

The DC Universe has a long legacy of world-ending events, each being even bigger than before. Over the years, the DCU has almost ended many times. It is expected from fans that they get to see another massive crisis every couple of years.

Crisis On Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths remains the most significant reality-destroying event in DC Comics history. The plot conceives to reign in dozens of alternate realities created over the decades of different DC eras. They achieved this by a villain, ‘Anti-Monitor,’ destroying most of the multiverse. It reshaped the multiverse by collapsing it into one sole planet instead of various planets. Besides, the Anti-Monitor continues to be a powerful villain who plagues DC in multiple ways until today.

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This was the story that altered everything in the DC Universe. Flashpoint was a reality-hanging event caused by The Flash when he time-traveled to stop The Reverse-Flash from killing his mother. It is an extensive event with effects still felt in the comics. In the decade since Flashpoint, some of the changes are undone while others remained.

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Dark Nights: Metal

The Dark Multiverse, which consists of lost realities, exists under the regular multiverse. Under the direction of the dark bat god Barbatos, the Dark Multiverse planned to invade. They were nearly successful in no small part to familiar multiverse villains who chose to be with Barbatos. Finally, the heroes saved the day, and the Dark Multiverse drove back, though The Joker Who Laughs continuing to be a problem. Barbatos was almost successful, but the heroes attacked and defeated the dark god.

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Infinite Crisis

Many years after the Crisis’s events on Infinite Earths, four survivors of other universes returned to wreak havoc. The result of their schemes was the creation of the New World. The biggest menace to come out of this was the wild and rugged Superboy-Prime. Instead, he wandered from the overall plan to try to destroy reality and recreate it as he liked it. He stopped, but the cost was high, as several heroes were killed, injured, or lost their powers. The endgame also included Joker viciously murdering Alexander Luthor, something Batman could not make himself do.

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Final Crisis

Often, Darkseid was at the core of the Final Crisis. After the end of the New Gods’ Final Battle, Darkseid fell from his godlike support and ended up on Earth. This fall created a manner that threatened to consume all space and time. The conflict that followed resulted in the cruel murder of Martian Manhunter and the possible death of Batman. It even allowed Darkseid to control the majority of Earth’s population through the Anti-Life Equation. 


Zero Hour

Before the events of Zero Hour, Hal Jordan took a dark twist. After Mongul destroyed Coast City, he had traveled to the Guardians for help in restoring it. They refused a decision that sent Jordan over the edge. He killed the whole Green Lantern Corps and took their strength for himself. Taking Parallax’s name, Jordan tried to destroy and restore reality to save Coast City and correct other offenses. It wasn’t an unusually great plan. The only helpful thing was a well-thought shot by Green Arrow, which kills Jordan.

Darkseid War

The Anti-Monitor involves in the threatening doom of the universe. Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor bring their Crisis for the Anti-Life Equation to Earth and cause multiple destructions. As they have a battle, the equation is issued into the heroes, causing them to be their worse selves. It would doom the whole multiverse if DC didn’t stop grail and Darkseid on Earth.

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Dark Nights: Death Metal

The freshest DC event was a big one that set up the next stage for DC Universe. The Batman Who Laughs rebuilds the world in his memory and fights the heroes for the whole omniverse’s fate. As the creators’ hands reach out to finish reshaping the world, Wonder Woman halts them and agrees to take her place as a guardian of the new multiverse.

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Year Of The Villain

The Year of the villain was a multi-step plan that explained how Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom served Perpetua to rise to power and start her path of destruction across the multiverse. It began by Lex gifting the villains’ increased abilities to cause chaos and destruction better. It culminated with the world choosing doom over hope and happiness, which left Perpetua her final footing in the universe.

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When Earth became too strong, the aliens called The Dominators came to take out that danger. They created a gene bomb that would wipe out the metahumans on Earth, eliminating any threat to their invasion. The Dominators were victorious in dropping the bomb, but the heroes were still able to send them packing lastly.


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