We talk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Holy Trinity – Iron man, Captain America, and Thor. But we forget its more of a four person show. Black Widow is just as great as the others. And these eagle eyed fans have found some truly incredible blink-and-you-miss-it Black Widow moments.

Gamora & Black Widow Are Holding Hands

Gamora and Black Widow died for the Soul Stone. The planet of Vormir proved to be their graveyard. Thanos killed Gamora to gain the Soul Stone. Natasha sacrificed herself so that Hawkeye could get his hands on the Soul Stone. If you look closely, you will find that both the women died in a rather specific pose. When Gamora dies, there are bloodstains on the floor where her body drops. Natasha technically died 4 years before Gamora because of time travel. Gamora and Natasha might be holding hands in their final moments, in spirit of course.

Natasha Taking Notes On The Soul Stone

Black Widow does not have any superpowers. She is what she is because of her sheer skills. She is on a team with Gods and monsters. These are beings that could defeat an entire army singlehandedly. But Black Widow still does her bit. When Nebula was giving the Avengers pointers on the Soul Stone, Natasha did the most human thing she could. She started taking notes. The poor woman never knew what was coming. This puts us right to tears.

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Black Widow’s Defense Mechanism

It is quite common to see people who have gone through trauma to adopt a psychological defense system. People who have gone through loss or grief start pushing people away so that they never need to feel the same pain again. Natasha has gone though a lot over the years. And despite the tough façade she puts up, she does not know it all. She only acts like she does. This ends up distancing herself from the people she cares about. She does this for their own good. With a profession like hers, its tough to keep your loved ones around you all the time. Even after she joins the Avengers, she has a hard time letting go off this habit.

Captain America Trusts Natasha With His Life

This is a seldom talked about moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Black Widow is not a soldier. She is a spy. Her skills are in betraying and backstabbing people. She is not used to having comrades because she ends up double-crossing them almost every time. Nobody trusts Natasha because of this fact. But Steve Rogers, the man who embodies the human spirit, trusts Natasha with his life. The fact that Captain America trusts her so blindly is bound to change her. Black Widow is not used to being trusted and the scene shows her genuine surprise to Steve’s reply.

Black Widow’s First Appearance – Iron Man 2 (2010). Iron Man’s Last Appearance – Black Widow (2021)

If you tell us this does not hit you right in the feels, we would say you are lying. Black Widow and Tony Stark have come a long way since the MCU began. Black Widow went from a badass secretary to a badass warrior woman. Tony Stark went from being a rich and spoilt brat to a genuine human being who wants to protect humanity. Both characters have created foundations for others to survive on. The MCU is one big happy family.

Black Widow’s Rough Life

If you notice closely, you will know what we mean. Every Marvel movie that features her gives her an incredible amount of pain and agony. It is like the writers just want Black Widow to suffer. Every person lost at the end of Infinity War. But it was Black Widow who lost the most in our opinion. Think about it. She had no friends or allies. She joined the avengers and right when things started to change, she lost most of them once more. Right when she started to hope for a better life, it all came crashing down. In the end, the only solution to end her suffering was her jumping off a cliff. We feel for you Black Widow.

She was Held Hostage. Coulson asked Her To get it Fixed. Coulson Didn’t Even Flinch

Black Widow has to be the toughest badass we have ever seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even her own colleagues no this. In Avengers, Coulson calls Natasha while she is held hostage by a bunch of foreign military personnel. Coulson just asks her to get out of there. He does not even tell her how. he just asks her to and a few minutes later, it is done. Black Widow tricks people into thinking she is a small and fragile creature. But when she roars, the world listens. She deserves a solo movie.

Natasha Held On To her Ballet Shoes

Black Widow has gone on record to say that her ballerina training was the most painful part of her training. And she is an international assassin who has traveled the world and killed many people. She has been tortured, captured, held hostage, and shot at. So that is indeed saying something. And it is later shown that Natasha still has her ballet shoes under her desk. Black Widow decided to keep dancing till the very end.

Black Widow’s Final Shot At love

We have been shipping Captain America and Black Widow for so long. But we forget that it was Bruce Banner she fell for first. Both were misunderstood, kindred spirits who wanted to right their wrongs. Both had been hiding monsters under their bed. Both had trouble sleeping peacefully at night. Maybe that is why the two did not work out. In the end, the Hulk decided his monsters were too big to tame. But what about Natasha? When the Hulk ran away, Natasha just realized how hopelessly unlovable she is. But she did not leave the avengers. She kept fighting. Not that’s a warrior!!

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She Kept Things Running When The Others Hid Under Their Blankets

Thor was useless. Tony stark left. Captain America had no intention of being in the spotlight. Someone had to keep things running in the others absence. The onus fell on Black Widow’s shoulders. She was not ready for the job. She sobbed and cried in front of the team. But she did it anyway. It takes strength to steel your nerves. But it takes even more strength to have the courage reveal your weakness to others. Without Natasha, the Avengers would have disbanded for sure.

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