10 TV Show Crossovers That Should Have Happened

These are the 10 dream TV show crossover that should have happened –

The Golden Girls and Gilmore Girls

This could have been the glorious crossover that fans deserved. The entire episode would have just been about Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche on a vacation. Meanwhile, Lorelai would have found them hilarious and invited them over dinner. Imagine Luke’s expressions and reactions at that moment. It could have been iconic.

Jane the Virgin and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It would have been a next-level thing if the 99th precinct showed up to help to solve a murder mystery at the Marbella. Not only that but the screen time between Amy and Jake and Raphael and Jane would have been amazing.

How I Met Your Mother and Friends

Just imagine how intriguing it’d have been with all the amazing friend pairings. Ross and Ted geeking out, Barney and Joey hanging at the bar, and Phoebe and Marshall are talking about the monster. It would be no less than an ultimate prediction that Lily, Monica, Robin, and Rachel could be hilarious as friends.

The Umbrella Academy and The Magicians

The crossover between The Magicians and The Umbrella Academy would have been really amazing. Klaus and Eliot might have totally ended up together leaving Margot wondering what’s wrong with Dolores.

Lucifer and Shadowhunters

Fans would have gone crazy discovering Linda’s reaction to the Devil being on Earth after knowing about the Shadowhunters. What else would have been intriguing? Magnus’ reaction and interaction with Lucifer. This crossover might have shown up as the perfect combination of fun, emotion, and demons.

American Horror Story and Glee

This crossover between Glee and American Horror Story would have been weird but interesting. While American Horror Story has the musical numbers, watching the Glee kids joining them would be a treat.

Girlfriends and Insecure

The crossover between Insecure and Girlfriends would have been incredible for its fans. Seeing Joan and Issa swapping stories about loss and love might have won hearts all around the globe. Both could become really good friends and vibe with each other.

Superstore and Good Girls

This crossover between Good Girls and Superstore could have been amazing as they’re somewhat the same universe and timeline. The crossover could have made sense. Imagine if Ruby, Beth, and Annie robbed Cloud 9 together. The gang work could have amazed everyone.

Carmilla and Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The crossover between Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Carmilla could have been peaceful as both the storyline fights the evil and saves the world. On top of everything, watching Buffy meeting with Laura would have been a different and separate treat for the fan base of both the shows.

The Bold Type and Younger

The Bold Type and Younger crossover could have been just fabulous to see on screen. Kat, Jane, and Sutton would have loved to showcase their closet to Kelsey and Liza. Also, Diana could have tried to convince Jacqueline to journal her life.

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