” Even In The Darkest Times Hope Cuts Through.”- Kingdom Come Superman.

For everyone out there who is in a desperate need of some superhero action here it is. These TV shows recommended down below are some of the best shows one could find on internet that has a pinch of superhero essence added to them. These TV shows mostly have themes based on Superhero movies like the social responsibilities, having supernatural abilities, working as a team and most importantly good upon evil. So if you love watching superhero movies and due to this Corona Virus outbreak all the movies have been postponed you can watch these top 10 TV shows that you’ll definitely enjoy.


#A Misfits from 2009 till 2013:

(Five young kids start developing superpowers after been struck by lightning)

#B The Umbrella Academy from 2019 till present :

(A billionaire adopts Seven children’s to train them to become a team of superheroes)

#C Sense8 from 2015 till 2018:

(  Group of strangers from around the world find themselves being hunted)

#D The Mandalorian  from 2019 till present:

(Adventures of Baby Yoda set in the Timeline between Return Of The Jedi and The Force Awakens)

#E Heroes from 2006 till 2010:

(Regular people in the world discover been blessed with special abilities which lead them into catastrophic events)

#F Watchmen in 2019:

(In this story the arc is that vigilantes are no longer heroes and are banned from crime-fighting.Until a white supremacist group  attacks the city things change.)

#G Utopia from 2013 till 2014:

( Some Fans stumble upon a global conspiracy of a graphic novel which is spreading a deadly disease. As they get to know the truth hidden in the second volume of the book they are haunted by a powerful group known as “The Network”)

#H The Leftovers from 2014 till 2017:

( After 2% of the world’s population has been mysteriously disappeared, Three years later a community tries to rebuild their lives again)

#I Lucifer from 2016 till present:

( Been pretty bored as the King of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar decides to take a break and resigns and comes down to Earth on Los Angeles were he runs a nightclub and works as a Human consultant for the LAPD)

#J The Flash from 2014 till present:

( Barry Allen a normal forensic investigator in the LAPD one day gets struck by lightning and gains super speed the power to run faster than the speed of light only to become The Fastest Man Alive aka The Flash)

Source: Jamie Jones 



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