10 Upcoming Movie Sequels Which You Probably Didn’t Know Are In Works

Hollywood has always been fond of sequels. This trend has caught up with fans too who always look forward to trailers and stories of upcoming franchise films. While we take it for granted that superhero adventures and action blockbusters will have their share of sequels. However, the unexpected sequels likely to release in 2021 will be a surprise treat for fans.

Let us look in detail regarding the upcoming shocking movie sequels :

1.Atomic Blonde 2

A still of Charlie Theron

The original movie was released in 2017 and included a series of complex action sequences. During the Atomic Blonde release, the director had claimed that it is soon to start with its sequel’s work. The sequel will be featuring on the Netflix platform.

2. Wedding Crashers 2

The movie will be a comedy one
A poster of Wedding Crashers 2

On its release in 2005, the movie emerged to be a light-hearted comedy flick and was loved by the audience. At the end of 2020, there were rumors of its upcoming sequel. David Dobkin is likely to direct the forthcoming part.

3. Sisters Act 3

Earlier movies were a huge success
A still from the movie

During the end of 2020, the Sister Act 3 sequel was officially said to be in the works. The earlier two films had a successful run at the box office, and fans would be excited for a third movie in the row. The movie will appear on the Disney Plus platform, and Goldberg is likely to direct the film.

4. The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection

The violent movie is headed for a sequel
A glimpse of Christ

The sequel of the Passion of the Christ: Resurrection was in the works in 2016. The initial movie released in 2004 was highly controversial since it depicted a high intensity of torture and violent scenes. The upcoming sequel might most likely include the journey of Christ’s return and the fall of the angels.

5. The Expendables 4

The Expendables 4 sequel saw a lot of hurdles
A still from the movie


The sequel to Expendable 4 has been in the planning stage since 2014; however, many hurdles came their way. The main reason was Sylvester’s rising differences with the studios. The movie’s script was ready in 2019; however, it is expected for a 2021 release.

6. Young Guns III

Young guns 3Young guns 3 sequel in the making sequel in the making
A close look at the poster

The director of the previous two films, young guns and young guns 2 tweeted an upcoming sequel Young Guns 3 is in the works. Both the earlier versions saw great success at the box office. Emilio Estevez will return to the movie featuring Billy the Kid.

7. Clerks 3

A lot of delays happened in the making of Clerks 3
A still from the movie

The sequel Clerks 3 has been in talks since 2012. The movie sequel saw a delay due to financial problems, studio issues, and other conflicts. Clerks 3 will revolve around how age is just a number, and you can change your life anytime. No release date is decided as yet.

8. Jackass 4

 A huge surprise and shock for fans
A glimpse of Jackass 4

Jackass 4 sequels will surely be a big surprise for its fans. The upcoming movie will depict more insane and daredevil sequences. The sequel will be coming after 11 years from the release of Jackass 3.

9. Lethal Weapons 5

After 11 years the sequel will hit the box office
Mel Gibson and Danny Glover to feature in the sequel

Lethal Weapon 4 came out in 1998, and since then, the talks of its upcoming sequel is doing the rounds. It was in 2017 that the discussion for the sequel was taken seriously. The release date for the movie remains unknown. Director Richard Donner claims that the film will be the last one in the series.

10. Extraction 2

Extraction 2 works in progress
Chris Hemsworth to star yet again in the sequel

Extraction was the most-watched movie on Netflix in 2020, garnering around 1 million views. Chris Hemsworth will return once again in the sequel with a more in-depth and intense action. Due to the pandemic, the film’s release got postponed initially scheduled for the late 2020s.

Kindly let us know through the comments below regarding which movie sequel came as a surprise for you.

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